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Why would my boyfriend dress nice and wear perfume if he's just going to go drink with the guys?

he always likes to dress nice but come on ... ugh idk

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  • He's probably cheating on you with other men.

  • You said it yourself: he always likes to dress nice. What's wrong with feeling good about how you look when you go out? You can't expect him to dress down from his normal attire.

  • lol girls like to feel pretty, but us guys can't look good?

  • I love to look good when going out. Even if I showered in the morning, I will shower again, reapply deodorant, style my hair again, brush my teeth again, apply cologne again, etc.

  • Cause guys like to smell good?

    I dress pretty nice & put on perfume when I go to class...

  • Perfect example of over-analyzing things and seeing things through negative glasses. Is that the way you want to live, being afraid of your own shadow?

  • What, we're not allowed to smell nice? =D

  • Because he wants to look good. But cologne is kinda ghey.

    Do girlfriends go to the bar with the girls and wear a bulky hoodie and old ripped jeans? No they spend an hour trying to pick out the right outfit and get all done up.

    Guys generally do the same, minus an hour to get ready.

  • omg get real ! can't a guy look after himself without being framed for something? do you prefer to go to bed with a grease monkey? he just wants to look his best that's all

    • he doesn't put on cologne when he's going out with me

  • perfume? Sounds like he's gay.

    • Ja, he sounds gay

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    • u bitches! every guy who takes pride in his appearence is gay? I spray myself with deoderant every time I go out, even to the market! and I can assure you I am no gay.

    • Sorry there is a stark contrast between wearing perfume and spraying on deodorant.

What Girls Said 7

  • What, a man can't take pride in his appearance when he goes out? And if he does, then he must be cheating? Or gay, like people below commented? Look, a lot of guy's like to look nice when they go out, my brother, father, friends, uncles, god brother and god father alike. Just because they do, it doesn't mean they are cheating, or are gay. Stop looking into things so much.

  • If he wants to loook good, it's okay. You have a clean man!

  • why the girls would dress nice and wear makeup it they are just going out with their girlfriends? :P

    it's the same I guess :P

    looking good makes people feel more comfortable and confident.

  • there's something wrong with that... drinks with the guys at the bar would not need all that.. girl I have lots of guy friends who go to a bar and wear perfume when they are trying to pick up some other girl.. srry but he's up to no good

  • He wears perfume? Sounds like he's going bar hopping for girls or guys.

  • because he cares aout his appearance. doesn't mean he's trying to attract girls

  • You should be proud of him :)

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