Should I stop flirting with my sisters boyfriend?

Well, my sister has been going out with her boyfriend for 1 year now and every time they come over by the house me and him always start talking and we sometimes flirt in some weird way. Then my sister gets pissed off at me because I talk to him and I'm being "too nice.." He's sorta like my best guy friend. I know and he knows that he loves my sister but it's this feeling every time I see him that there's something that could've happened but I really doubt it. I don't even know if I like like like him.


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  • Yes. No matter how you spin it, flirting with him isn't fair to your sister.


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  • Yes, I would definitely stop flirting with him. It's okay if you guys are friends, but you don't want to break up something that him and your sister have for a little crush, do you? I honestly don't think it would be worth it.

    - B

  • Yes, you have to stop flirting on him. There's a lot of guys out there. Don't be selfish. Think about what your sister's feelings and if you are in her shoes. Are gonna be happy is your sister gonna steal your bf? Think about that.

    • Yeah I wouldn't be happy either...It was probably just tonight that all this stuff came into my head. Because he was here tonight and I helped him fix up my sisters car outside int he garage while she painted her toes inside.

    • I know how it feels, my close friend who is 40 steal my boyfriend 29. Until now, I can't move on. It's really hurt because I treat her as a sister. She ruined our friendship too. I hope you never do that. You can find a lot of guys out there. Don't hurt your sister's feelings. Stay away from him, if you can.

  • wow

    id beat your ass if you where my sister

    if you have to ask strangers you know the answer already

    stya the f*** away from him

  • It's pretty f***ed up that you have to even ask this question.

    • Well I had to ask okay. And if you didn't even have a answer for me you shouldn't have left one anyway.

    • I think my answer had an implied "yes" to your question. :/