What girl appeals to you the most?

So my friends were talking about guys the other day and we really wondered who appeals the most to guys between them so;

Who would you go for? (describe them the best I can)

Cookie* : Looks; Slim and short, but has curves. Med to long brown, hair, slightly layered on the back, usually straight (sometimes big curls) Pretty face, hazel eyes, ivory skin

Dresses in darker colors; skirts, tights, tee's, boots, there always trendy and in style.

Makeup is simple foundation, concealer, lip gloss, and a small amount of gel liner on the outer edge of eye

Personality; Shy, mysterious, a bit dark but sweet, surprisingly not superficial, likes more odd things (spanish)

Mandy* : Looks; A bit more fuller, wider hips. Long light brown hair, very wavy but not really curly, usually in a ponytail. Average face, hazel eyes, ivory skin, light freckles.

Dresses in more causal clothes; jeans, tees, sneakers,

Makeup is just eyeliner

Personality; Outgoing, nice, caring, and sensitive, down to earth, likes more common things (American)

(I love the both of them like sisters)

*names have been altered


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  • if I'm a guy, I would prefer Mandy.. :)