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Why do guys tilt their heads to the side when they look at a girls' legs?

I've noticed this happening a lot and I'm just curious

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What Guys Said 2

  • For a better look and to let you know they're looking a you ;)

    • why would they WANT the girl to know they're looking at her legs? :P

    • Let her know they're interested, they like what they see... confidence ;)

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm sure it's to look at girls asses, but girls do that too!

  • Dear Anon girl,

    For some reason its male nature to try to see if they could see more.. Tilting their heads is simply so they can see more, unfortunately tilting your head will make you see just as much anyway.


    IMAQT xx

    • That is smart ! :P I wish they knew that though...

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