Would you rather...

If you had to choose one, would you rather date a

a) ugly girl with a great personality (and you can't change the way

she looks)

b) a really attractive girl with a horrible personality


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  • ha, I would date the really attractive girl, with the horrible personality, it's not so much because I'm shallow, as I would find it a challenge, to either show her how horrible she is, or perhaps find out why she acts like that, ha. Plus the ugly girl with the great personality, seems boring.


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What Guys Said 4

  • I know this may sound horrible, but neither. I mean, if *I* didn't find her attractive, then the answer is neither. Attraction, to the person inside and out, has to be there for someone to be fully involved in a relationship. If either is missing, then doubts, seeking of satisfaction elsewhere (ie cheating or other inappropriate behavior), would most likely result.

    Personality and attraction are both quite important.

  • Well, if I'm serious about it, as if I might someday marry her and not be just going out to have a good time, personality would definitely rule. That's hard though, it's not that I don't appreciate how beautiful she is on the inside, but beauty on the outside is important too. I know, I got to have it both ways! It's hard not to. =)

  • Beauty fades, but bitchy is forever!

    • I'm speechless! =)

    • Forgot to add that I think very few women are physically ugly. There are a lot who seem plain at first glance or don't immediately catch my eye, but very few women who seem outright ugly, gross or plain unattractive to me.

  • trust me this is what happens most in these situations.

    A guy marries the ugly girl and cheats with the hot one


What Girls Said 1

  • What about pretty girl with a great personality? lol. Just kidding. I know I am not a guy, but me personally, I would go for the girl with the great personality. But you must also keep in mind that although the girl may not be very attractive, the guy has to find her attractive physically in some way. That is just my thoughts.