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What should I wear to the movies?

toWell.. This guy asked me to the movies, and I know he perfer's girls with a rocker style... I'm thinking of wearing shorts, with a lepord... Show More

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  • if he already asked you out, he obviously likes you already, for what you were wearing. don't be something your not. get what I mean?

    • lol I get what you mean, I'm basically wearing what I allways wear with him, but a nicer shirt.

    • then yeah haha, it's totally fine(:

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  • Totally wear that!:)

  • That sounds pretty appropriate. Just don't try to be something you're not for a guy though. They should like you for you. As long as you keep some of your own style mixed in, you should be rocking his night away!

    • it is! I'm usally the tshirt and shorts type of girl. I just wasn't sure what'll look good for like a night :P

    • Sweet! You're set then so go out and have a great time!

  • If he's asked you on a date, he clearly likes you for who you are.Just wear something that's a dressy casual. Be yourself, he'll love it.

  • Wow him by being YOU! Being yourself is the most powerful WOW factor you can have with this guy...enjoy the date!

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