What do guys think of innocent girls?

I don't drink, smoke or curse. I get embarrassed easily, and blush a lot. I don't have casual sex. And even though I'm open minded, and a bit wild in bed, I don't talk about my sex life with random people. I have no tattoos, and my ears are the only thing I have pierced. I am told I look innocent, and I was just wondering if guys fund that attractive?


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  • Never mind what guys think of. If they need tatoo or need you to be or do something that is not you, then they messed out on having you. You sound like the girl that can have the world in your hands because you stand by good so don't fall weak and submit to the bad side of us all.

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  • Well, if you're wild in bed, you aren't all that innocent. But yeah, you are describing a great girlfriend, at least in the sexual realm.

  • awesome

  • What the f*** does innocent look like lol

  • I can't stand tats on girls, and the lack of piercings is a plus also. I think that smoking is pretty unattractive. The only thing that I find unattractive is the fact that you don't drink. It's much better than a girl who drinks too much, but it would be nice if it wasn't awkward for me to have a beer or two around her every now and then.

    • Why would it be awkward to drink around me? It's not because I have anything aginist drinking. Just that I don't care much for the taste, and I can't drink very much anyways. I'm a lightweight. lol it doesn't bother me at all for people to drink.

    • As long as she doesn't mind it wouldn't be a problem. I might worry that you feel left out somehow, but as long as that's not the case, it would be fine. To really answer your question, different guys think different things about what you describe as "innocent" girls. Some guys look for girls like you specifically, while others seek out different qualities in girls.

    • Don't change anything that you mentioned for guys. Just find the ones who appreciate those qualities.

  • Sounds nice


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  • They like to corrupt them.

  • That's not being innocent, that's just not being a stereotypical idiot. I think girls who label themselves as innocent often times try too hard to be considered innocent.

    Just be yourself. A lot of guys will appreciate that.

  • No a lot of guys would find that hot

  • Your not innocent if you have sex.