How do I fix my hair?

My hair is naturally realy wavy/sorta curly. And I know how to wear it straight but the onyl way I can get it to look good curly is if I wea it back in a clip. But I don't want to do that all the time, I want to wear it down curly too. But the problem I have is it is either too flat and is just kind of hanging there, or it is too poofy and I look like a poodle.

Any suggestions?


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  • Hm my hair is curly to but I have to brush it or I will get dreads. When you have washed it separate it into strands while its wet. Then kind of twist them a little so they stay grouped. Then wet them a bit and kind of scrunch them. ( use your palms and from the bottom of the strands mash them towards your head) this makes my hair curl nicely. For a little more help put curling gel on your hands when you scrunch it. I don’t like using products myself but they could help. Not sure if I'm wording this right. Good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • invest in some curly hair style products like conditioners and serum (aimed towards curly hair) that's what I do then I use curling tongues just to neaten up my natural curls.