Family guy joke I don't get

There is this one episode of family guy (Don't make me over) where meg gets a makeover then they have a family band and stuff. And I have watched this episode a lot but there is one joke I don't get. It is when Brian and Stewie are in the mall while MEg and Lois are looking at clothes. Brian bets Stewie to run naked and scream "Help I just ecscped from kevin spacey's basement." and he does and then he goes bac to brian and brian says is it cold in here. and stewi says nope just really small.

I am assuming this has spmethign to do with the fact he was naked, but can someone explain this ot me?


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  • A guy's penis shrinks in size when cold. There's also a Seinfeld episode involving "George" that deals with this topic. In that episode it was referred to as the shrinkage factor.


What Girls Said 1

  • Stewie is naked- guys dicks get smaller when cold- brian asked stewie if he was cold (and if that was why his dick was so small). Stewie answered- "nope - just really small) refering to his penis.