What to do with thick curly hair?

I have really thick hair, that gets really curly at the ends and its just so hard to do anything with. I can never get it to stay straight and I just don't have many ideas of what styles I can do..

I m thinking about getting it thinned out this weekend, cause it might be easier to handle, but other than that I'm pretty much lost with what to do.

Any hair styles/cuts, products, any ideas at all will be greatly appreciated


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  • You can try a straightening perm, or if you don't like perms you can try a steam straightener. If that doesn't work why don't your try getting it cut or maybe layers (dunno if layers would be a good idea since I don't have curly hair),...If all else fails you can try emu oil, moroccan or mira hair oil those are the most best ones you'll be able to find. So if you wana stick to straightening it you can use one of the oils above they work good for heat protectors also. But I'd say go for the perm if you want a change already, that way you don't have to go through the hassle of straightening your hair a lot everyday.


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  • I like how you have it in your profile picture

    • Thanks(: I just wanna be able to change things up a bit everyonce and awhile.

      But thanks for liking my curly hair, most guys I know are drawn to straight hair rather then curly

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  • I know exactly what you're going through. My hair is the same. I keep growing it out in the hopes that I'll learn how to do with it, but nothing works.

    Right now, my plan is to cut it chin-length. It's much easier to straighten when short, and as long as you can keep the frizz at bay, short hair looks cute curly.

    Though I looked through your pictures and you have pretty hair.

    • Thank you(: I likemy hair too...sometimes. But I just get really tired of it always being the same. I love having curly hair, I just wanna be able to do other things and styles with it, ya know?

  • thick hair is actually really desireable so I wouldn't suggest getting it thinned, just work with it, maybe a shorter look would do you better? go talk to a stylist and maybe they can really help you since it is their job to handle hair. your hair actually looks really good in the picture. you could always do up do's like buns (they are actually quite stylish) or braids. try styling it wet and then let it dry. always make sure its moisturized, don't wash it too much. I have less hair strands than you but my hair definitely appears thicker as you can see in my picture...

  • Try a Brazilian Blowout. They're a little pricey but so worth it to any girl I know who's done it.