Black hair/brown eyes or Light brown hair/brown eyes?

I have brown eyes and I've been dying my hair black for years now, but for a while now I've been letting my hair grow out (roots and all) and at this point it's really long, and my roots aren't obvious or anything since I have medium brown hair naturally, but here's my question;

What looks better? Black hair and brown eyes or Light Honey Brown hair and brown eyes?

And does anyone know how to evenly dye black hair light brown or is a salon my best bet?


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What Guys Said 1

  • light brown hair for shur depends on what kinda look your going for but light brown hair ALMOST ALWAYS look good with any girl :)


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  • light brown :) and revlons hair dyes always goes on evenly, but if you're going from black to light brown you're going to have to buy the dye labeled "light blonde" and leave it in longer than suggested time, leave it in for about 40 minutes :)

    • ALSO, make sure you dye your roots last, because you don't want your roots to awkwardly be lighter