What is she doing

I know this girl, we have been talking 4 about 6months . From the jump she told me she was not attracted 2 me . but after that we had sex a few times. then it stopped now she says we are just fiends w/o benefits. how ever she continues 2 ask me favors show me pics of her in lingerie. every now and then she leans up against me, or will change clothes in front of me. even sleep in same bed but won't give it up, been tring to ignore it but I want her. never experienced anything quite like this what is going on

well I think stressing is no good I think I'm going to just tell her how I feel. Let her know that we can be friends but that some stuff need's to be cut back


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  • Yeah that sounds like a good idea, as she is messing with you. This sounds very cruel what she's doing and you should waste no more time with her. Surely you would like to find someone who wants you just as much as you want her. that's what you deserve. Forget this girl, she's just a selfish tease. Good luck


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  • Not to be mean, but drop her. Tell her why and send farewell. Good luck to your future



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  • It sounds like you need to call her on it. Ask her about what she first told you -- that she wasn't attracted to you. Then kind of give her a recap of your relationship since then and ask what she sees in you. If there's a question of whether or not there could be something in your future, let her know that those questions have been entering your head.

    If you feel something for this woman, you need to let her know, and you need to let her know if her actions will make you feel awkward or not if you continue hanging out with each other. This sounds like a really odd situation, though, and it sounds like you need her to define exactly what she wants out of your relationship. Then you need to determine whether or not you can live with that, and go from there.

    • Well I have told her how I feel she says ther could never be anything between us. fine why be around so much and do all the other little stuff. I'm thinking I should just leave her alone she says she wants 2 be friends lifetime friends are her exact words. realalisticly I can't look at her as just a friend I now realize. I don't c how she could put such a stamp on the friendship knowing how I feel