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Am I too chubby to be wearing tight dresses?

I'm sorry, this question must sound horribly vain, but please hear me out. I bought these dresses today on a whim because I thought they were... Show More

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  • I think the red dress fits your curves in just the right places. You're curvy, not chubby at all. I think both dresses are cute, but I prefer the red one to the black. The thing about horizontal stripes is that they make everyone's shape appear shorter and wider. I'm also a girl with a curvy body and I tend to avoid horizontal stripes. From what I can tell though, it looks perfectly normal. If you like the dress, keep it. They both look great on you!:) I'm not sure what's going on in your friends minds though.

What Guys Said 4

  • Pretty far from "chubby" to me, think you look great. Enjoy the dresses!

  • From what I can tell you have a rockin' body and those dresses fit just fine :) I think they are jealous of your almost hour-glass like figure :P

  • You look fine. I'd say you have the perfect body type for dresses like those. Nice curves at your hips... and nice thighs. I'd like to see more actually.

  • You look fine from the front view, don't know what your friends were talking about. Unless it looks bad from the sides, in which case I couldn't say.

What Girls Said 11

  • They don't look too tight at all. Have you tried sitting and bending over in them? If you can do that comfortably then I think you are OK :) You don't look chubby either, I don't know what they were talking about :S Maybe they were just jealous because they look good on you?

  • Your friends are either purposely being bitchy, or blind. You're not chubby at all (at least not that I can tell from your pictures) and those dresses look awesome on you. They're really cute, too, by the way. :P

  • I think you look really good in them. Not sure what your freinds are seeing. Are they super tiny?

    • yeah, most of them are size 0. one is size 2. I'm size 4.

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    • between 5'4" and 5'9"

    • don't worry, you look great in them!

  • not at all!

  • Oh my jesus. If I see another thin girl ask if she looks fat in something I'm going to lose it.. Get some f***ing confidence and stop fishing for compliments.

    • i'm not fishing. all my friends told me I looked chubby and I should return the dresses. wanted second opinions that's all.

    • Your friends are assholes then, sorry.

  • the links don't work. so couldn't say. sounds like you got some results though.

  • I think your friends are a bit delusion. Those dresses look fantastic on you. I especially like the red one, it's a great style and colour.

    I personally wouldn't listen to those friends, the dresses look fine and you don't appear chubby at all to me.

  • nope. both look great on you. :)

    your friends need to get their vision checked.

  • not at all

  • Sweety you are not chubby at all you have a body ! Go for it !

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