Why do guys hate makeup?

Why do guys claim that they hate makeup, and wish girls looked beautiful naturally.. or make girls feel bad for wearing it but are totally attracted to girls who do wear makeup? Obviously it works because you fall for it. I've never known a girl who has gotten hit on while wearing no makeup (and don't say it's a confidence thing), but be honest, guys prefer makeup. Of course every girl wishes she looked pretty without makeup (I think I do) but guys treat me so much better in public and in my group of friends when I have more makeup on than when I don't.

I understand thinking a bunch of makeup melting off your face is disgusting, and looking like a p*rn star or completely different person is obviously not what I mean, but don't say you like girls who are natural and then go hitting on girls, who from a girl's perspective, are wearing a pretty considerable amount of makeup.


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  • I read an article that in a study of 100 men and 100 women what men considered natural was actually what most women consider medium makeup. It showed pictures I wish I could remember the link. It was basically mascara, eyeliner on the top lash, lip liner with lip moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and blush.

    Most women could throw that together and make it look fairly natural, using only a little of each.

    men considered wearing makeup to be fake eyelashes, lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, the works and women considered it heavy makeup.

    basically if you wear makeup right, a guy won't notice it, and that's what they want.


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  • Less is more.

    And when it comes to make up, too many girls think more is better.

    I think it's necessary for guys to say they HATE makeup, because then a girl will still put make up on, but she won't use a shovel.

  • In theory, guys would like girls who look that hot naturally. That's better, right?

    So guys say 'I don't like makeup'. They are thinking 'I'd like a girl who is naturally a '10' over a girl who is artificially (and temporarily) a '10'.

    But as a girl, that doesn't matter. The question is, 'do I want to be a 7 without makeup or a 9 with (or whatever, you get the idea).

    Where a little makeup, put it on right.

    Girls are just as bad by the way. They like guys who don't spend too much time in the gym, but if they just naturally have a perfect body, that would be great.

    • Great answer. It really cleared up the ? for me :))))))

      Side note: I don't think guys TRULY know the extend some girls go to just to look attractive. And ultimately, the purpose of make up is to enhance a woman's fertility by promoting feminine facial features and reduce her "flaws". Also I think guys can feel tricked by make up because it can be misleading.

    • Actually, women's make up goes well beyond covering up flaws. Most of it fakes sexual arousal. Red lips, things that make eyes seem bigger (more dilated) darker lips - all of these fake sexual arousal, and that gets men interested.

  • Every time I kiss a woman with a ton of makeup, tastes terrible! YUCK! Makeup makes a woman look like she's on the warpath to battle. It hides her true looks and most women just have no idea how much is good enough. When it comes to makeup, less is better. Unfortunately, we men cannot control how much a woman puts on her face so often we have to overlook that and try to interact with women anyway. Men are normally not so shallow about it, makeup can be taken off.

  • Tastefully done make up makes girls very attractive.

    When guys say they hate make up, they are talking about too much make up.

    Good make up should enhance beauty and should not scream too loud.

    • So when a guy says he wants to see a girl 'without makeup' he means he wants to see her in enough makeup on to look good

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    • I think it also depends on what kind of attention and from what kind of guys. If some type of make up works for you, go for it.

    • I would rather have no makeup at all than too much...and yes...I DO know what females look like with no makeup...

  • i have a black suit in the cleaners right now just from where a girl hugged me and my shoulder has makeup all over it. I got a grey suit that needs to go before I wear it again for the same reason. it gets on my shirt and all over when we hug or cuddle. and when I lick your face in the club like rick james, it taste horrible!

  • I don't hate makeup. I truly think that makeup is there to enhance a woman's look. Makeup actually does wonders on some women (just as like wearing the right style of clothesfor a man or woman), but I personally prefer no make up at times.

  • I don't hate. It's nice to enhance ur natural beauty once in awhile

  • Because it makes you look disgusting.

  • I prefer it when girls wear little to no make-up. But all guys are different. Don't make generalizations that everyone's the same.

    • I didn't mean to generalize every guy, I meant to address the guys who say they like natural girls but still hit on girls who wear lots of dark eye makeup and what not, oh well thanks for your reply!

    • I hate cake faces :/ and people with raccoon eyes. A small touch of makeup to bring out color is just fine, but anything beyond that is too much for my eyes to handle. But that's just me

  • I don't like women who have to wear make up often; I feel like she relies too much on others' approval. Only for special occasions is it okay.

  • Not all guys are the same. I know what natural and 'natural makeup' look like.

    • So what guys need to realize is that "no makeup" and "natural makeup" are two completely different things then?

    • Partly. But not all men who say they prefer natural turn around and hit on women who are dolled up, either.

    • Touche and I agree with that, I guess I'm just annoyed at the guys who do, and it seems that if so many men apparently prefer a girl with little makeup, why don't girls who hardly wear any ever get attention ha but oh well, thanks for answering!

  • MY hat is off to you Question Asker...when you started this I felt animosity towards u...but you have changed my mind..i think you picked the best answer..and I feel like you asked me and THEN you listened! Have gained my respect! You have a Friend here...

    • Well thank you! You guys helped me understand as well!

  • Best Answer in one hour? This is a joke...I don't say one thing and do another and I resent the hell out of being accused of it. Also I never said that I wouldn't accept ANY makeup...I think that mascara looks nice..don't mind eyeliner...can even tolerate eyeshadow...I don't mind lipstick...but just let me rail about foundation and/or bronzer or whatever else you use a trowel to smear all over your face and I get all kinds of stupid sh** for response:

    1) I don't know what I am talking about

    2) we wear it all the time and you don't even know

    3) You think you don't want us too wear it but you really do

    4) if we don't wear it you won't hit on us

    5) I don't wear it for u..I wear it for me

    6) I feel naked with out it

    7) all the other girls wear it

    8) it's good for my skin

    That stupid crap you smear all over your face should be totally banned: obnoxious, environmentally unsound, hazardous to our health, public eyesore, waste of resources, waste of time, waste of

    money, and makes me want to throw up

    • I meant to direct my question to the guys that do say they don't like makeup, nowhere in my question does it say ALL guys, though it may imply it which is my bad and I apologize. I guess its just frustrating as a girl not knowing how much to put on! I don't really wear it everyday but when I do put makeup on it's hard to know how much I really should put on, because essentially it seems as though guys (in general/majority) like it when girls have a bit more on, just from what I've observed.

    • If I came to pick you up for a date...and you had that crap all over your face.. I would leave...eyes? that would be ok(or lips) ...Bozo the Clownface...nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • I see what you mean, I'm really not a fan of that either. This definitely answers my question as to what kind of makeup guys hate.

  • because after a one night stand you look very different in the morning

  • I have hated makeup since before I could talk. I have MCS and that alone is a really hard thing to talk about face to face. To explain this with as few words as possible : I simply am disgusted by perfumes lotions sprays and all makeup, to the point of puking.
    This has made my life a lonely one for most of my life. That plus that I'm super shy and low self esteem. The fact that women seem to "can't live without makeup / perfume" and the ridicule that comes if I try to explain MCS and me, basically made me believe that I'll never have love. Its sad that society accepts homosexuality in public display but laugh at a guy who says he can't stand makeup and perfume. The smell alone will get me to leave a room or a seating in a restaurant.
    Simply put: society brainwashes girls at little age to believe that you HAVE TO look like this and use that and smell like this, in order yo attract the male sex or just to fit in the society.

  • Hate make up any girl looks better without it

  • Ever heard of the term "painted ladies?" Prostitutes used to wear makeup, and it was associated with them for a long time.

    Makeup is a sign of low self-esteem.

  • I was with my ex for two years, and in that time she wore makeup 3 times. Yes, I know this. Yes, I thought she was gorgeous.


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  • Guys don't hate make-up, it's just politically correct to encourage the "natural" state rather than being "fake."

    Most men have no clue what a chick without make-up looks like

    • Of course the only person who understands my question is a girl. I probably should have re-worded the question for all of the guys, but thank you!

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    • Sure

    • U are cynical Evangelina...I have lived with my wife for almost 16 years...she will not usually leave the house without her "face" on..but I c her a lot with no makeup...and I have not turned to stone...

  • link

    They wish.

  • the thing is men can't tell whether it is natural makeup or natural face (bare face), if they can tell it means the girl has put on a lot of make up which isn't good.
    as a lady, i don't like make up too and never understand why many would want to spend so much money on it? minimal is fine but too much is really unnecessary

  • they have unrealistic standards of women. they think you should wake up looking gorgeous and think you're "fake" for having to apply beauty aids to reach the standard of beauty that will attract men to you. basically ignore guys' opinions on makeup because they don't know what they're talking about anyway. they will see a girl with natural makeup on and think she has no makeup on. they'll say they hate too much makeup but ogle a girl with a face full of it. makes a lot of sense, huh? yeah so just ignore them and do what makes you look good.