Female Body language?

I was talking to my co worker, she was sitting opposite me with her hands clasped behind the back of the chair with her breasts pushed out (and up) slightly. If you use your imagination it was like she was tied to the chair (I was getting a bit turned on! haha)

She kept the pose for about 15-20 secs then sat normally. Any ideas if this is sub-conscious body language indicating some kind of sexual interest in me?

We have known each other for a while and she has never done this before but I have always found her hot and sexy.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well to me this means either 2 things.

    1: Either she does have interest in you and was trying to push them out to make herself look more sexually attractive and feminine. Kind of like when guys flex their muscles around girls for that same reason.

    OR 2: Honestly, she could have just been stretching. You said y'all have known each other for a while and it was the 1st time she had done something like this and that it only lasted for about 15-20 seconds. You would have seen other signs before or other things that would have caused you to wonder if she was into you. I know the stretching idea may sound random to you but personally how I like to stretch is by clasping my hands behind my back and well stretching. Which of course that arches my back and pushes the chest region out. Hopefully its the 1st one for you ;)