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Female Body language?

I was talking to my co worker, she was sitting opposite me with her hands clasped behind the back of the chair with her breasts pushed out (and up)... Show More

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  • Well to me this means either 2 things.

    1: Either she does have interest in you and was trying to push them out to make herself look more sexually attractive and feminine. Kind of like when guys flex their muscles around girls for that same reason.

    OR 2: Honestly, she could have just been stretching. You said y'all have known each other for a while and it was the 1st time she had done something like this and that it only lasted for about 15-20 seconds. You would have seen other signs before or other things that would have caused you to wonder if she was into you. I know the stretching idea may sound random to you but personally how I like to stretch is by clasping my hands behind my back and well stretching. Which of course that arches my back and pushes the chest region out. Hopefully its the 1st one for you ;)

What Girls Said 3

  • it definitely could be a sign she's interested, does she play with her hair around you?

  • She was probably just stretching or something. I doubt her doing that one pose for 15 seconds means she is sexually interested in you.

What Guys Said 1

  • It's usually not a very good sign if someone clasps his hands behind his back as it means the person is either afraid, frustrated or angry. Yet a woman thrusting her breasts forward is a sign of sexual interest. You're only stating 2 signals though. How were her legs feet and face positioned, was anything crossed? Were her lips pouted?

    • If she were afraid/frustrated/angry, wouldn't she adopt a more closed posture, with her hands in front of her rather than on her back?

    • Well I think if she were frustrated or angry then her arms would probably be crossed in front of her and he would have been able to read it on her face and feel her energy.

    • I suppose you mean arms crossed? A closed posture as you picture it usually reflects a sense of negativity and moreover, defensiveness. But I suppose you're right that if she were really angry or frustrated she would have her arms/legs crossed, shoulders pulled up, lips pressed together and frown more.

      But I can only see 1 signal so I'm gonna go with the normal translation for hands clasped behind the back and that's anger, frustration and/or apprehension.

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