How Can A Woman Attract An Alpha Male?

There are plenty of articles on how alpha males can attract women or how to be an alpha male. But how does a woman catch an alpha male?


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  • Stick some feathers up your butt and then flail them around. Or go kill a gazelle and sit on top of it, waiting for a male to come rape you and then start eating it. Maybe get in heat such that your vagina radiates heat and go around without any pants or underwear and spread your legs until a guy mounts you.

    ...really, this "alpha male" stuff is absolute idiocy.

    • sounds like your jealous cause your not one...I was just asking a simple question without having to deal with a stupid answer like this...Isn't it time to grow up a little.

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW THAT WAS FUNNY! Trust me my panties are most certainly NOT in a bunch! However, I did notice it took you awhile to come up with that response.

    • actually I gave the same answer about two hours ago... I just dumbed down the language


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  • Be an alpha female

    • Stole the words right out of my mouth.

    • from the little I've read alpha males don't want alpha females because they want to be the dominant person in the relationship.

    • I guess that makes sense maybe I was wrong

  • Give a sign of interest. Like strong eye contact and a smile.

    If he is an alpha male he will approach.

    Then just be your feminine self. It will work itself out either way.

  • Be strong in some ways, be confident, know what you want before you dive in. Have good judgment and decide what alpha means to you. Analyze what exactly you are looking for.


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  • from what I hear, alpha males prefer stereotypically feminine women. so probably take care of your looks, be confident and have a life. don't be desperate or be super insecure because that would probably get on their nerves and they won't see you as good enough for dating if you don't think Y'ou're good enough