Are black men considered scary, and not datable?

Just been hearing about this too many times to not ask on here. I hear too many times that black men are too intimidating to girls to date. Like if you dated a black guy you would be savagely beatin, get pregnant, and addicted to crack. wtf...


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  • black men are 7% of the US population. the majority of nonblacks are not directly exposed to black people. they may have 2 or 3 black casual friends or "see" black people at school and public places, but they don't really interact with black people in depth. BUT they do see the media's portrayal of stereotypical black men and many base their opinions off of that. so that's why a lot of nonblack girls may immediately jump to stereotypes but once they get to know you they'll probably think differently. and there are some women who simply aren't attracted to black men.

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      why did I get a thumbs down for speaking the truth? dammit I should have lied.

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      It happens. Some people are just downvote happy on this site.