Are black men considered scary, and not datable?

Just been hearing about this too many times to not ask on here. I hear too many times that black men are too intimidating to girls to date. Like if you dated a black guy you would be savagely beatin, get pregnant, and addicted to crack. wtf...


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  • black men are 7% of the US population. the majority of nonblacks are not directly exposed to black people. they may have 2 or 3 black casual friends or "see" black people at school and public places, but they don't really interact with black people in depth. BUT they do see the media's portrayal of stereotypical black men and many base their opinions off of that. so that's why a lot of nonblack girls may immediately jump to stereotypes but once they get to know you they'll probably think differently. and there are some women who simply aren't attracted to black men.

    • why did I get a thumbs down for speaking the truth? dammit I should have lied.

    • It happens. Some people are just downvote happy on this site.

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  • Not at all :) I've dated a black guy before, it was great lol

    • What happened to make you two separate?

    • We were like 14 and he moved :P

  • Not at all(:

  • Hell naw. I've nothing against dating black guys at all.

    • Well you're a robot. Robots like to be piped. ;) j/k lol

  • OMG

    Don't you dare, doubt yourself. Many decent girls, wouldn't care whether men are black, white, olive skinned, yellow orange you name it. It all boils down on the personality. Looks to me, mean very little and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks like this. I have dated coloured guys before and at the current moment I am dating a guy who is light brown. I see many girls holding hands and kissing coloured guys (dating). As for scary, I admit sometimes yeah I get scared but that is because my area is a sh*t whole and is really bad with gangs and all, but in other areas, not scary at all.

    Have confidence OK, I don't want you looking in the mirror bringing yourself down because you are coloured. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • to me no.. not really. I actually find them VERY attractive. some just might've heard many stereotypes about black men & started believing them. you can't really judge a person just by what you've heard though..

  • well for me it is really different , I love black guys and brown skin guys , and I think they are cute , nice and I LOVE their style and their voice the way they speak , and I love my friend also a black girl in my class she is well educated very nice and friendly , same thing for guys , I don't know why people say such a thing

  • haha that's ridiculous no doesn't bother me I like guys with some dark skin

    can't stand white legs... and really white skinn... ha ha but if I really liked the person, I'd buyem a spray tan lol and not care in the end

    I'm native by the way and my mom would kill me if I was with someone white... but honestly it's not about what chya look like on the outside so it don't matter

  • I think black men are intimidating...but then again I find ALL men intiimidating. And no, I don't think that every man or a black man will beat me, get me pregnant, or get addicted to crack...its just the possibility that that could happen is what scares me.

    So I guess to answer your question, no, not because your black...but because you're a man.

  • I am simply just not attracted to them, I have seen black guys I have liked before but I am extremely picky with them and it doesn't help when I see ones who act like big kids who grew up without any discipline. I don't want to be a mother in the relationship


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  • I've read those too. I think it's just the girls in this site in particular. I'm Black, and don't seem to struggle with women at all.

  • depends where you live. And sometimes parents have somthing to do with their kids dating. Like racist parents might raise their kids to thing black guys are scary. I don't know racist people are f***ing stupid so you don't wanna date the ones who don't want to anyways.