Are red lips attractive?

Hey, I'm thinking of wearing red lipstick for prom. I'm a brunette with olive skin tone and sort-of plump lips and I want to change up my look for prom with red lipstick. But I heard that some people find it clownish or slutty..

Btw, it won't smear and I will have a bronze smokey-eye with it to add balance. Plus, My dress is silver/grey, knee length and a bit sexy but classy so I think it matches red lips.

thank you! :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree with Brine--that the tip you'll always hear about red lips. You can go for cat eye style liner on your top lid for classy drama & balance, just be sure it looks clean & try to be VERY light handed if you feel like you have to use some eyeshadow for contour definition. I also recommend choosing a very simple classic hairdo. Same with jewelry. You really have to use restraint to pull off red lips & get the classy sexy look you're after.


What Guys Said 5

  • Not at all. I hate it so much. Easiest way for an attractive girl to make herself look bad.

  • Not everyone thinks so...but I think it's hot...

  • red + plump lips = pouty lips = hawt

  • Very, very sexy.

  • Nope, not "...clownish or slutty." Go with what you feel. Are they attractive? Umm...only in like 50's type movies. Hope you have a good time at your prom.


What Girls Said 5

  • Choose either the smokey eye or the red lips, otherwise you might over do it. It's a good style 'rule' always emphasize one thing - if you're doing a smokey eye or dramatic eye playdown on the lips and vice versa - same for clothes short skirt modest top...etc.

    The red lip would look great with your dress!

  • I think bold red lips are classy and sexy.

  • one thing I've noticed whenever I see someone pull off red lipstick, their teeth have to be really white! So I think it'll go well with your dress and rest of your make up, just make sure your teeth are white. I'm sure you'll look great and have so much fun!

  • it's a great look imo