He is shorter than I am?

Hey guys,

I met a really nice guy. He seems to like me, he asked me out on a date and stuff and he text me and so on..

The only problem is that he is shorter than me. I'm not a very tall person (I'm average) and he is a little bit shorter than I am. It doesn't really disturb me, I like him the way he is and I don't care what people might say, but I wonder if that might be a problem for him one day. What if I wear high heels? I don't want to dismiss my prettiest shoes ;D but do you think he would feel uncomfortable in a way?

Guys what do you think; would it disturb you if your girlfriend was taller than you?


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  • if 2 people are into each other, that's all that matters. a little bit of height difference doesn't mean anything


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What Guys Said 1

  • I don't think it would affect me, She'd be the same in my eyes. I'd just have to lean a bit to kiss her but that's fine.


What Girls Said 1

  • it shouldn't matter. if your into him and he's into you he shouldn't care if you wear heels as long as you don't care. if you never bother him about his height but give him pep talks if he's down about it than the two of you should be fine.