Guy with curly hair, looking for new style

Ok, I naturally have VERY curly hair. At the moment, it's very long and curly, and has been for years. Are there any styles that would look good, while retaining the curls? (i.e., not shaving it to number 2 all over :P)

Any suggestions would be great, especially with the name of a celebrity with the style in mind, or a link with images of the style.



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  • good for you on wanting to keep your curls!

    i'm afraid I don't know of any off the top of my head, but please, no young NSYNC justin timberlake hair, that was just aweful, I don't care what anyone else says, it looked like a poodle died on his head.

    have you tried just using a product to intensify and de-frizz the curls?

    or you could always try googling images of mens hairstyles. it's really hard to tell you what would look good with your face shape having never seen your face, ya know. good luck with finding your new style :)


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  • i absolutely love curly hair on boys, I think its really cute:)

    as far as styling it goes, it depends on what kind of curly hair you have {ie, thin, thick, frizzy, shiny}. I guess my best advice would be to ask the person who cuts your hair to recommend a product that would make you look your best

  • Oh, I just LOVE guys with long curly hair. It's like so pretty, it makes me want to play with it and touch it. Anyways, I'm not sure about other styles, but if it's getting too frizzy you can just put gel in it. Or leave-in conditioner if you don't want it getting all crunchy.

  • ever try a hair straightener ? seriously. guys can use it to. no homo.

    • Lol why curly hair not your thing?

      I'm quite keen on keeping the curls a bit - part of an identity

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  • You can sport the Antonio Banderas link

    Or maybe add a little gel and sport the old school John Mayer. link

    Depends on how long your hair is.

    • Thanks but my hair is a lot curlier than that! lol