Why do so many people look at me?

when I walk on the streets, a lot of people look at me. I mean I don't look like an alien or something. And sometimes cars stop next to me and people yelling from the cars. I know I don't look like a slut or something like that. I am a totally classy chick, but why do people look at me so often? it really bothers me, and I feel like a freak. I KNOW IT IS SUCH A STUPID Q! :D


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  • This has happened to me on bad days when I'm sad, tired, want to be left alone, but if I was in a better mood it wouldn't bother me.

    Don't pay attention to it and convince yourself they aren't judging you. Only you can judge yourself and let them effect you. Be like, it's normal...people look...I look...it doesn't mean anything.

    I think what bothers me most when they look is not knowing what's going on in their head! It gets me frustrated but I say, who cares F it. I have other things to worry about instead of some random stranger.


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  • No it's not a stupid question at all. I sometimes feel this way too.

    The best advice I've ever read was on this forum here (read the post I've linked directly to, and the others if you have time..) - link

    I think you'll find it extremely helpful! :)

    • Thx. I know that I have social anxiety too. And you found out :D well done

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  • yelling out of their cars at you?! like rude things or trying to talk to you?

    people do stare at me but I've been told its because I have a very distinct walk.

    it may be a good thing that people are staring because you look good :)

    unless of course they aren't yelling very nice things or giving very nice looks of course

    • no they just scream out of their cars and say "heey.." or something like that, they don't say bad things...one time there were like 3 guys in a car and they stopped the car and told me if I would like it to jump into the car with them and go! I mean that's crazyyy!

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    • oh well yeah I get that too, its because you look good so take it as a compliment. doesn't mean your not classy or anything they just think you look goooddd lol

    • That is a little creepy, but once a guy was yelling at me from a car and I tried to ignore it. He kept going so I said in a very loud and angry tone of voice, "Shut up!" If you find it disrespectful, you have to stand up for yourself girly. You have a voice. Use it.

  • I don't get people yelling out of their cars but I do get looks. Don't totally know why myself haha.

  • I think you may be over thinking this

  • maybe because you're attractive?

  • Because you're attractive. Don't pretend to be clueless about it, this is rather obvious :P

    • no, why should I do that? I really feel uncomfortable when people do that...and that means I look strange...

    • Think about it. You get male attention. Why do guys gawk at girls and hit on girls? Because those girls are attractive. They stand out in a good way, not in a bad way like looking "strange" or ugly. This is common sense.

  • you're pretty. embrace it and be happy.