Do your balls get stuck between your legs when you are running?

do your balls get stuck between your legs when you are running.? in hot weather?

just wondered.


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  • yes. our balls hate running or anything involving potential discomfort. have you ever heard of the medical ailment called "runners balls" or bka "michael lohan syndrome" its worse that autism and no one freakin cares! OMFG what a cruel world.

    • No. never heard of it. my condolenses to your balls.

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    • "Why thank you ditzytiggsie, In fact I do believe it was the great Winston Churchill who once said, "Would a pair of balls by any other name swing less freely in a strong summer breeze"."

      Can't... breath... laughing... ass... off...

    •'re the greatest!

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  • I have to give jbone79 some serious props for that answer. It's 100% untrue but funny as hell.

    Our balls do not stick together when we run. No matter what type of weather we're in. That's the truth. I can tell you running isn't always the most comfortable thing if you wear boxers like myself. It's not like every time we run it's painful. You just hit a bad angle every now and then.

    • Thanks for the props man. lol, sometimes I shouldnt answer questions about balls after I've had a few cups of grey goose. I agree with the bad angle. Sitting can be unexpectedly horrid. you know what I'm talking about.

    • Sitting? do tell.

    • A man's balls are at constant war with the legs that stand beside them. Sometimes. Just sometimes, the legs will take out their jealousy on the balls by using gravity, pressure, and a hard folding chair to squish our fun loving friends. Legs are jealous of the love balls are shown by their owner and in some instances others who have had too much to drink.

  • I think that's a legend. I've been running and I've been out in really hot weather, the kind where you're drenched in your own sweat. It's never happened to me and I've never heard another guy complain about this.

  • Of course ,

    If the weather is warm or hot , it increases its got more

  • "Stuck"? Balls can get sticky, but its not like they get stuck somewhere, at least not for a long time. And generally people don't run without underwear or boxers on, so the balls won't touch the legs. But yeah sometimes when running a guy can sandwich a ball inbetween his thigh and groin and it hurts.


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  • Haha I've also wondered that. I've actually been thinking, just like girls need sports bras as it gets well. painful when active, as I know far too well. what about guys' balls? What about them. Shouldn't a caring female such as myself invent a "ball bra" to keep things still and compact when men invole in sporty activities?. Perhaps someone has beaten me to the invention though.

    • Yes, we have such a horrid device, it's call the brief underwear. In some circles they are known as "whitey tighties". Scientistologist tried to take this a step further by sticking a new designed pair of boxer brief's on Tom Cruise, but even Jerry Mcguire himself could not show me the comfort.

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    • Lol. I've always called them Tightie Whities. The most awful type of underwear men can ever wear! Perhaps this is why some guys get really into bondage. Their dicks are too big and so bounding them in leather mades things more comfortable. Ah my insight.

      P.S. Yes. jbone. Write a book!

    • jockstrap or a guys thong or trunks with a pouch stops this from happening!