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What do guys like to see girls wear?

Ugh, my other post about this has a broken link with no .html at the end. So, I was wondering, what do guys like to see girls wear? a) to school... Show More

by a, b, and c, I meant

a) what is the cutest but still dress code appropriate thing that you see girls wear to school?
b) what clothes do you like on them in general?
c)short shorts or tank top?

sorry about the confusion!

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  • My apologies for my earlier answer. I would say school would be short skirt with bow tie in hair and maybe a t-shirt tied in the middle (and she gotta have pigtails lol) that's right I'm going oldskool lol. I would say like in general would be tight fitting trousers and a nice tight top with maybe a zip up hoodie. I find a tank top is better than short shorts.

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  • I think guys like some skin but not too much. So some jeans and a singlet or t shirt.

  • I've seen this type question answered before and the general feeling among the guys was tight tshirt and nice fitting jeans for school.

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