Thoughts on belly button piercings?

So, I have wanted to get my belly button pierced forever, and my mom said yes about a year ago and my dad said to wait a year, because it was too "sexy" for a 15 year old. Why is a belly button piercing considered really sexy?! Like, I didn't even want a dangly one, just a simple one, with diamonds.

And since I know I will probably get it, I am not too fat for it nor have I ever been, and will be getting it pierced in about two weeks!

i just want one like this:



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  • I'd say wait until you're 18. But they can be hot.

    • why wait until I'm 18?! no difference except another year or two in age. besides, then I would have to pay for it myself..

    • You think no difference. Just because you want it for like ever, or two years, doesn't mean you will like it when you're 18. Your opinion may change. And besides, you don't need to gain any approval from your parents when you're 18. And so what about paying for it yourself. You'll have to work one day.

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  • i don't like piercings, wherever they are, kind of a turn off

  • Hot. Do it. Even better if it's a dangly one.

  • Trendy. Played out. Slutty. Etc.

  • your not too young to get one , I'd say its pretty normal for girls your age to get this piercing at high school age. around here most girls get it during high school years.

  • tacky. overdone. (like buttefly/flower tattoos on the navel area)

    • im confused!

    • everyone has them. they are boring, more of that p*rnstar chic that people seem to think is hot.

      not for me. just my opinion!

  • i think they look well sexy... =P

    • why does a belly button piercing make a girl seem/look more sexy to a guy?!

    • dunno really, just my opinion. but sometimes it can look slutty...

    • gotchaa, thanks!

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  • I think it's cute as long as it's not one of the super shiny dangly ones.

    Cute: link

    Crossing into ho-ish territory: link

    The only reason I don't have one is because I'm afraid of the scar it'll leave.

    • Dangly ones are really hot.

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    • Well that's unfortunate for them, but that's why you have to take care of it.

    • All of them took really good care of their piercings, but I think some people scar easier than others. I know I have the tendency to scar badly, so I'm wary about getting one. You might not scar as badly, though.

  • You'll get drunk, pregnant, and suddenly have a huge scar there. Besides, who doesn't have a belly button piercing now? I don't because I don't feel like being a conformist. It's up to you though! (: lol.

    • my mom got a belly button piercing when my older brother was like two and had it in when she was pregnant with me, and still has one in.. and no scar.

    • hmmm...I've determined your mother is a superhero. (: lol. Maybe you are too.

  • i don't like them, I feel like they're trashy lol...

  • do it since you want it. belly button piercings can look really good.

  • PERSONALLY I wouldn't recommend it. A friend of my father's let his daughter get it done when she was 14. The peirceing got infected and after 6 months of antibiotics, she ended up dying. The belly button is a humans life-line and the aftercare is crucial.

    I've had it done and it's gone wrong (thankfully I'm fine now)

    just think about it a bit more and in a few years, if you want it done...go for it but just remember that knowing the risks it can cause is as important than knowing the benefits.

    Also, guys consider it sexy cos most girls that have it peirced, show it off more and that means showing the guys more skin...just listen to your dad!

    • i see where you are coming from, but that's realllyyy rare for someone to die from a belly button piercing, and my mom had a belly button piercing when she was pregnant with me, so ya. but thanks for your input!