What to wear to an interview in the summer?

Tomorrow I have an interview with an Insurance company. I want to look professional but I do not want to look slutty or be too bundled up that I am sweating buckets during the interview. I have to walk a little bit to get there off the bus (I don't have a car so I have to take the bus).

I have a nice black dress, that cuts just under the neck, and it goes till just above the knee. It's very simple, just a few domes on the sleeves. Another option I have are grey dress pants and a blouse or a silky top in fuchsia. I was thinking of wearing that with some sort of simple jewellery like a necklace or just stud earrings. And I was thinking of wearing my hair in a pony tail.

I've never interviewed in an office before so I am unsure of the dress code. I would be wearing flats for sure. But I am unsure what I should wear :S I'm just afraid I will show up sweating like crazy.

Any tips would be helpful!

I also have a black knitted short sleeve top, that I can wear too, it's not that hot, its a very light knit.

And a black tank top with a navy blue cardigan.

Would walking shorts also be appropriate? They hit just above the knee and are black with a slight pin stripe detail?


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  • I read from Marie Claire or Glamour magazine (can't remember which one) that the most effective interview outfit is a black or dark blue dress (knee length with sleeves). You should also have some jewelry (the magazine said statement jewelry, so I guess something bold or colorful) on because then you'll be more memorable. Anyway, good luck on the interview. Remember to display confidence and smile!

    • Thanks for answering! I have a nice purple beaded necklace, it's basically just large beads, very simple but purple. And I think I might go with a nice black knitted top and the dress pants and flats :)

    • If that's what you wanna wear, it's fine. You might even stand out because I presume that a lot of people are going to wear the dress thing.

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  • skirt

  • dress


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  • Both sound appropriate to me, and if it were me, I'd wear the dress - because of the heat, and because I don't like wearing trousers.

    But both the outfits you described sound professional enough for an interview - as long as you look well put together and classy it should be fine.

  • Both outfits sound cute and appropriate. I think the dress might be best just because of the heat.

    The rule of interviews is to keep it simple and keep it classy.

    Best of luck!

    • Thanks! The only problem with the dress I can see is that I have big boobs, and I just don't know if it looks appropriate on my body type :S When I bought it, I thought it looked pretty classy. Maybe I'll post a pic on here of me in it so people can see what it looks like and give an opinion based on that :)

    • You will make the men on here go crazy for you if you do most likely although I see you are dating someone :(

  • doesn't matter if it's summer or not. you wear dress pants and a button down shirt, maybe a cardi over it since it will be indoors