My boyfriend said my friend is good looking?

After I said I love her she's so hot, he said "yeah she's good looking" and I know that's not a huge deal, but for some reason I'm feeling ridiculously jealous and pissed at him.

What should I do, is this a legit reason to feel jealous at all?


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  • Yes it's a perfectly reasonable reason to be jealous. But first take a step back. Did you ever see any sign that he was interested in her before? Maybe he was simply agreeing with you to show he supports what you think. Though if you've had gut feelings BEFORE this incident then maybe you should look into it. I say before not after because now you're probably going to be more sensitive to perfectly normal things. He is with YOU not her. If before now you had no weird feelings then for now there's nothing to worry about. Maybe you can take your friend out to meet some guys if that makes you feel more comfortable. But don't force her on anyone this isn't anything she did or planned. Unless you told her I doubt she even knows. So just take a few breaths. I'm sure everything's fine. Don't bother your guy about it too much either it could frustrate him because he could just be thinking yeah she's pretty but she doesn't have your personality or our connection. You've told your friends before you though their man was hott right? But you weren't going to go after them. Don't worry it should all be good. :)

    • He just met her tonight. We're visiting my old hometown. I've heard him say he thinks megan fox is meh (too his friends not to me) so I feel like if he's saying she's good looking it must mean a lot more. He NEVER even looks at another girl. I don't think either of them would ever do anything to hurt me, its just a jealous of her thing, which I've never felt with her before, and with him he's never given me a reason to before.

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    • Lol I know lots of the tricks I dated a lot of sneaky guys, but he's always in his own little world, I'm sometimes turning his head and pointing towards the hot girl he missed, or pushing him out of the way to get a better look at a girl whos drop dead gorgeous. He's very oblivious to the world around him.

    • I think no matter what guys will always notice girls. And girls always notice attractive guys. If you're pointing out attractive woman to him he probably didn't think it was a big deal to agree with you when you said that about your friend. You made it okay for him to look at other woman. But looking is different than acting upon. He didn't act so just letting go of the situation will be good. Nothing is going on and he sounds like he likes you so don't worry.


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  • Hes with you not her. Personally sometimes I jst agree on little things like that as a nicety to my girl, not because I'm attracted to her and want to bone her.

  • He was probably just being nice. I really don't think it was a big deal. My wife knows I think a few of her friends are hot, and my girlfriend Taylor Swift :). But its not really a big deal cause I love her not them. So don't get to upset.

  • You opened the door. Men are going to think that a LOT of women are good looking. Accept it. He's with you.

    • Yeah I understand that, I meant what can I do to help me get over this jealousy, usually I don't care, but some how cause its my friend its bugging me and I can't get it off my mind.

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    • Good idea for now. I've just never felt a reason to be jealous of her or because of him, its really unsettling.

    • Pointless to let it fester over what's probably nothing. You can't make him not find her attractive, you'll only succeed in making him not want to tell you things.

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