Hairy hands?

I work with my hands a lot. And I've noticed lately that the backs of my hands are hairy. I have dark hair, too, which makes them look hairier.

So the thing is, is it normal for us guys to shave our hands? Or is that a bit too "metrosexual" for most guys?

If I do a job where my hands are on screen, or being focused on, is it unsightly? Is it noticed?

Is it unsightly for girls to see hair on a guys hands and knuckles? No one has said anything, but I'm slowly working on trying to look better, and this might be a way... looking less like a sasquatch.

But, I don't want people laughing because I shave my hands, and no one else does that, so I look like one of those ugly bald cats... lol.

And then how far does the shave go? Should I shave my arms (these are hairy too), so that it matches?

Any responses would be great, but iif you can give me solutions on how to shave the arms or hands...


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  • Tough to say.... I don't know of anyone that shaves his hands, but there probably are some people and they're just not telling everyone that they're doing it..

    Unless it REALLY bothers you, I think you should just stay natural... you're a guy, you're allowed to be hairy. Some girls don't like it, some do. If you're ok with it, and it seems like you are because it hasn't bothered you until this age, then I'd personally say just keep it. Hair on the back of the hands and knuckles is normal. Not all guys have it, but a lot do, and it doesn't bother me seeing a friend with hairy hands. If you had hair on your forehand, I'd say go shave that right away.. but back of the hand is normal not such a big deal.

    But I guess you should listen to some girls' input on this issue, to see what they think of hairy hands.

    Plus, remember that if you do shave your hand, but will still have hairy legs/chest/face, it might look weird and unnatural... Hmmm maybe you can try photoshopping yourself with no hand hair and see how you'd look :)


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  • Lol I love this... personally a guy with hairy hands doesn't bother me. You're a guy it's totally natural! If you want to shave your hands.. they're your hands go for it! Waxing may be easier... that way you won't slice a finger off or something :) If the hair on your arms really bothers you too then go ahead and shave.... its YOUR body! :)

    • Lol you love "this"? obviously you don't mean hairy men hands, you're creepy freak

    • "Lol" you "love" "this"? obviously you don't mean hairy male hands, neither shaved male hands, you "love" something else (WTF?), you're so creepy freak

  • I think it's fine it wouldn't bother me or anyone I know, what's wrong with a man having some manly hair? Lol no really though it's okay don't stress about it.

    And don't shave your hands you'll end up getting stubble on them, now THAT would look bad. If you really hate it that much get them waxed, it will last longer.

  • I don't think a guy should shave his hands because it makes him less of a man.. sorry for saying that but I LOVE it when guys has hairy hands I don't know why.. but that's me. so don't shave, some women adore it!!

  • It is only your hand dude. Relax, hairy hands on a guy are fine shaving it would be weird.

  • If you're a hairy guy you're a hairy guy. I suggest don't shave. There are plenty people who care and don't care if you have hairy hands and a lot of people dig it. If your hands are on screen a person might say you have hairy hands and that would be the end of it. Don't worry about it.


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  • I think shaving your hands would be going a bit too far...and it will also look a slight bit odd if the rest of your arm was unshaved. I have the same "problem" with my feet, they remind me of hobbit feet lol,. But I don't really give a damn cos I think they look fine. Fact of life- guys have hair, And another little fact: Your body hair retains your unique chemical scent signature which allows other people to sense and respond to you. Manufacturers spend billions of dollars each year we smell through perfumes -- trying to make people more attractive to each other. but your own body hair has some pretty powerful natural chemical "attractants" of its own.

    Plus- since I don't see any girls answering this yet- It would be screwing around with nature if you make guys be more "metrosexual"... its just not natural.

    • I guess girls are not answering any because they are grossed out by the question itself :) he he.. I used a bit of oxygen to light up the tone so it doesn't catch as much attention, but if I overdo it, I look like an orangutan with orange hair on my hands.

    • Yeah, that sounds like a fairly effective solution... and I'm sure ladies love orangutans lol jokes

  • Umm don't shave... it's alright, it shows your a man... (I don't have hairy hands though)