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Can I wear a monokini?

i am not sure if it fits my body...

[IMG] link

[IMG] link

[IMG] link

[IMG] link

[IMG] link

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  • Your body looks very good but that isn't a monokini you're wearing. It's a swimming suit with some nice cutouts.

    Read the definition here:


    It says:


    mon·o·ki·ni Noun /'män??kine/ listen

    monokinis plural

    A woman's one-piece beach garment equivalent to the lower half of a bikini

    thus monokini= bikini panties, no top.

    (or imply topless)

What Guys Said 13

  • No, this is for the very petitie...

  • it's okay but your love handles look a little big in it.

    • I Don't think She has love handles, I think you have a great body But this outfit doesn't do you a favour wear a regular bikini :)

    • Those are definitely love handles. Nothing to be ashamed of... just something to grab onto for a little more bang in your buck.

  • Looks okay to me :)

  • Looks good :D

  • Such a sexy body and it looks good on you

  • u have a good body imo

  • Kinda weird looking, but that's just me. lol

    I just see those working better on girls that are more petite than you. :P

  • Looks okay to me.

  • Looks fine. You should really do a more fun modeling pose though instead of a "stand straight up we're measuring you're height" pose :P

    • Yes...but that would imply that she is a model..she never said she was..

    • You can do the pose without being a model. herp.

  • Looks a bit weird around the hips, but it's ok.

  • Fishing...

    • haha no if I would be fishing I would have posted better looking pics. I think my thighs and hips look a bit fat in the monokini...

    • Any girl in a bikini..such as the pics you gave..is fishing..regardless of how you look...

  • Looks very good to me!

    You have a sexy navel, by the way. Yes, that was random ...

What Girls Said 11

  • It doesn't look bad, but I don't think it's the most flattering style for your body type. You have a very nice body and you're slim, so you could probably pull off a lot of different swimsuit styles. But in this one, my eyes are drawn right to your curves (like, it emphasizes them in a sort of unnatural way and makes you look wide in the waist area). Whereas, if you were wearing a bikini, for example, your curves would look more natural and less "choppy". It would show off your entire curves---you'd notice your slender waist more, which would show off your hourglass shape better.

  • I think a regular bikini would look better on you.(:

  • It looks cute.

  • I don't like it, but maybe cause I don't like monokinis in general.

    • A mono kini is just going topless, with bikini panties: link

      or: link

      more: link and link

      YES, you can, but most States don't allow it

  • You'd look much better in a normal bikini

  • i like it. I can't pull them off but I think you do

  • You look very nice. You should maybe do some exercizes to strengthen your sides, so that the sort of ''muffin top'' disappears. But it's not that visible...

  • i hate monokinis in general,i think they're ugly and give you freaky tan lines,but you look as good as anyone in it

  • don't hate me, but no you shouldn't because your love handles are so obvious and it draws attention to the fat in that area

  • it makes you look like you have gigantic hips.

    I think you should stick to a two piece, plus 2 piece means easier to go to the bathroom.

  • ever single pic is the same angle. how are we to tell if it looks good, give us different angle! I mean why would you post so many pics of basically the same damn thing!

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