I am afraid of what GAG would think, asking what people think of how I look?

I have seen numerous..."what do you think of me" posts...most are girls..but on occasion...a guy..who is clearly attractive (I am straight..I just am secure with my sexuality...to admit when another guy is good looking...) will do one himself...however...I was thinking about asking GAG what people think of me...the problem is...not only do I not want people telling me that it should not matter what GAG thinks...but also that I am simply afraid of the truth...whether it is a good thing or a bad thing..I am afraid of the truth...

So my question is...do you think I should ask what GAG thinks of me...or should I just leave it...


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  • There are enough of those questions already. Go to hotornot.com or submit a reality check.

    • Nobody checks those damn things. I don't understand why they exist.

    • So the main site isn't cluttered with those questions. It's like a pressure release valve.


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  • I wouldn't post if you're that bothered about negative opinions. The Internet can be a cruel place, yo.

  • I don't care who posts questions like that. I answer honestly and think nothing of it afterwards.

  • i wish there was an easy answer to this question... :/


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  • Try not to let it get to you. I always use my picture and I know I ain't no Johnny Deep but I am just putting myself out there and showing people who I am. If they feel the need to insult you then oh well its not like I have to live with them. Most the people on here live thousand or more miles away so why would it really matter?