For girls - is a flat brimmed 59 fifty hat on a guy with some Oakleys attractive?

i got a lot of fitted hats and shades and it seems like I can't get a girl that finds me attractive and I was wondering what's the reason I am 6 foot 2 and I weigh bout 145 pounds and I work out every day and I play sports I am a mix of half black and Asian but I don't look like I am black and I have my right ear pierced that's bout it but ...


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  • The hat could be attractive on a guy, but it all depends if the hat looks good on you! if I were you I would ask your girl friends what they think.

    • i was like ? for what you said bout the girl friends but I get it and I did before and they said I looked fresh and if you want id upload a pic of me so I can hear your opinion

    • that would help, but if your "female friends" :) say that you look good you probably do (if they are truly honest)


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  • Hat - definitely.

    Hat + shades - eh.

  • If you wear shades all the time, girls can't tell if you're interested.

    But from your description, I think you're cute enough to pull it off.

  • um sure


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