How can you tell if you are a good looking person or not?

I know this may sounds like commons sense and it may sound like a silly question, but sometimes I have wonder how do you know if you are good looking or not. Even if you think you are good looking, you may not be good looking at all; or the opossite is true as well. Something random that came out of my head waking up at 7 in th morning.


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  • Get on chat roulette and just have girls rate you one after the other xD I did that once, stayed in the range of 3 to 7, even got an 8 once or twice. OK, that's kind of a ridiculous range I know, but it just shows you that everyone thinks different people look sexy in their own ways. A lot of guys don't like girls with glasses or braces, but for some reason I get turned on by that! (im a natural nerd lol). So like what RimandLea said, you can't just hear "Youre good looking" or "Youre ugly" once and decide that that's what you are, that's ridiculous. Don't listen to people that say you're ugly, that's just something America uses to put people down and try to keep them in their place. F*ck that! Do your thing bro! :D

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  • people tell you, you feel good with yourself, a lot of girls are checking you out.

  • if you get complimented a lot on how you look? or if people tend to stare a bit at you. I've been told I am good looking - but honestly I don't care- I'm not a model so why should i? I mean looks fade as time goes by - but I think we get more beautiful when we age , it shows character and that you have lived life. if you spent your day going around thinking I'm Beautiful or good looking , you are not doing much for yourself there's a fine line between being cockey and having low self esteem.

  • if you look like one of those models in the magazines that is getting paid millions of dollars a year just for his/her looks, then you are probably good looking. Just saying.

  • Looks are not a constant. You're not either attractive or not. It's very relative. So you can't really tell.

    • not at all, you can take apart people apart on their attraction level just based on their natural looks, I see it all the time on campus.

    • hahaha true

    • with the proper make up a grooming everyone can look good. Those picture with models on the internet are done with photoshop by the way link like this guy for example. I know cause I had something like a modeling pic taken and I looked amazing XD

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  • If you seem to get more attention from girls than the average guy, you're probably good looking. Or possibly rich.

  • If attractive people compliment your appearance, that's a good sign.If you go to a club and girls who aren't ugly are grinding up against you and tapping your shoulder, you aren't ugly.

  • If people tell you in real life you're good looking then you are.

  • Ask that girl who rated everyone's picture who volunteered it. She pretty much gave everyone a 4, but I assume that's because the people here aren't very attractive.

    • what girl?

    • i loled.

    • lol