I have a problem with attracting creepy guys

Okay, so I'm your typical attractive, bubbly teenage girl . My problem? I seem to be some sort of freak magnet (and I'm not a freak myself, I'm pretty normal).

For example, last year in one of my classes there was this guy who would always creep me out by scooting his chair super close to mine and try to play footsies with me (I made it clear that I was NOT into it and would even get up and move away from him) and he would talk dirty to me in class (again, I told him repeatedly that I didn't like it and to leave me alone).one time he even tried to cop a feel in class! I slapped him, but nothing ever seemed to stop him from talking to me or asking me out- trust me, I tried- and I had my teacher move me to the opposite side of the classroom. Luckily he switched schools second semester and I don't see him anymore.

There was another guy last year who was always a smart ass to me throughout middle school and he apologized for being such a jerk, so every now and then when I would see him on campus I'd say hi. At the school dances, I noticed that he seemed to appear wherever I went and I'd catch him staring at me but he made no attempt to come talk to me. At one of the dances I had my guy friends put his arm around me and after that the guy stopped following me, but he messaged me on myspace after each dance saying stuff like,"you looked gorgeous last night." And out of the blue he would message me asking "Do you have a boyfriend?" and if I didn't at the time he'd say "Oh that's interesting because you're a very beautiful girl." He started to appear outside my classrooms during passing periods and even started to talk to my best friend about me, and they'd never met. I deleted him off of myspace.

The other day I was at WalMart and this 50-something year old was in front of me in line and kept saying things like,"You can put your stuff on the conveyor belt, I won't bite." "Are those things for your boyfriend? He's really gonna love that." "Looks like you're going to a party! Young and beautiful" Okay, yeah I get that some people are polite but this guy weirded me out, and on top of everything he was staring at my chest! What the hell?!

These are just a few examples (yes, there are more) and I honestly don't know why I seem to attract all the freaky people. My friends joke about it and say it's because I'm hot, but I'm sick of this happening. Am I doing something to attract obsessive and stalkerish guys or is it just something that's out of my control? I've had my share of regular-acting boyfriends, so it's not all guys that like me that are creepers. Please help me!


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  • try to avoid them as much as possible and theyll get the point, start talking to your friend or on the phone, w/e to get rid of them


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  • k well, I'm guessing that the men ur attracting are losers, so they figure that you might be easier to get then most other girls, so if I was you I would totaly ignore them all, if its not working and there still being real creeps then tell someone, but other than that, act real snobby to the "lesser poeple" and pretend they don't exsist. Even the slightest bit of attention will keep them coming because in there head they think you might be interested.

  • Wait until you start working and hit 21, you'll encounter creepy guys like no other.


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  • apparently you're just cursed with extreme beauty and the chance to live near a bunch of creeps.

    the only thing that I could think of that you can do is make sure you wear modest clothing if you aren't already.

  • Maybe you attract a lot of guys because of your looks, and creepy guys are just included with the many guys you attract. You just notice the creepy ones more because they stand out.