Where can I buy those fold-able "flats" like the kind of women's shoe?

I've seen commercials for these things. Shoes that you can fold into your purse.

I'm heading out on a motorcycle trip during which I will be wearing my ridiculously heavy but properly reinforced boots along with the rest of my safety gear. The thing is I plan to spend some time actually exploring towns along the way and my boots make terrible walking shoes. So I was looking for something that required very little space to pack. (My tennis shoes are too bulky.) So where do you buy these "flats" things?

P.S. I'm not a shopper. I'd really like to know exactly where I can buy these things so I can go and make a quick get away.


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  • I had purchased some from Wal-mart, they also have them at Shoppers :) If you can't find those, you can always just get some plain flats from any shoe store that are a bit flexible and they should be able to fit in your bag also :).

    But just to let you know tho, the flats are extremely thin. They may not be the most comfortable for walking a lot in. So real flats might be better. It's up to you :) Just thought I would let you know!

    • Thanks. I just need something other than my boots.


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  • I have seen them at walgreens lol they were by the pharmacy, I thought it was a bit strange.

  • They have them at Target or Kmart or really any other shoe shop.

  • I've seen them at DSW