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Are hot women attracted to nerds?

If the man has nerdy interests but is tall, muscular and generally confident compared to most nerds. Or does the fact that the man doesn't have... Show More

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  • Damn this is hilarious I'm dating a 6'2" quantum major who's working towards his PhD, plays D&D, ran the chess club at his undergrad, and is learning C++ ... are you sure you're not the same person? I don't know if I'm 'hot' per say but people tell me I'm exuberant, cute, quirky, or gorgeous when they have to use an adjective. You decide link

    Personally, I like intellectual matches and I'm a total nerd so a fellow nerd? Ace. The first time I met up with my guy we walked and talked for eight hours straight about everything from corn subsidies to fractals, childhood pranks to careers. And when he called me out on a fact or challenged an argument I just wanted to kiss him because I was so happy that I'd found someone who could keep up with me both physically and intellectually! Somehow though that inexperience trait wasn't part of the package deal.

    • Probably. I finished my masters in computer science early and I learned C++ a few years ago. I've been doing some programming here and I'm using the money I got from that to go get my doctoral degree in computer science over in Tokyo. I had to finish up the D&D I was running before I left.

      I leave tomorrow, but I can't say I'll miss too much about this country.

    • Haha, a DM... damn what a catch!

    • Unfortunately my ex didn't see things that way, she said I was empty, a self-loathing narcissist and unable to relate to other people in any meaningful manner. Then again she was a slut and was sleeping with my roommate lol

What Girls Said 23

  • A nerdy guy with a hot body is basically my ideal guy.

  • No, the difference in chromosomes mean they can't breed.

  • I love nerds, but that's because I am one lol I find them very attractive because I'm more attracted to smarts and personality than "good looks" (which are relative)

  • Well I don't think I'm hot... but I love nerds! they are so cute and adorable!:)

  • Let me introduce you to Seth Cohen from The OC... enough said. ;-)

  • not at all. as long as your personality is cute your good

  • This is many women's dream. Who cares about social status or sexual experience if your man is hot with a brain? The best of both worlds!

  • I personally love nerds(: I am one myself. I like guys that can actually hold an intellectual conversation.

  • i dig nerds. I donno why

  • Personally for me I find some nerds attractive. Their intelligence tickles my brain.

  • If the nerd is not acne covered is modestly hench and is confident, yeah he's hot

  • Hmm...ya know the picture that I have in my head comes nothing close to a nerd. Uh-huh, not a bit. ;)

  • Idk if I am hot, but I love nerds.

    • Somebody called me!

    • @Shani - lol

    • So a nerd is at your service. What can I do for you ?

  • Do you see the type of guy you're talking about constantly with hot women?

    Most women who like nerds are nerds themselves, what do you think of the average female nerd? Because 9 times out of 10 those are the women who like nerds.

  • I'm a total nerd. No, really I'm a dork.

    Regardless of that fact, nerds are f***ing adorable as long as they're not socially awkward. Even so, they could still manage to pull off cute. :D

    • Nerds practically breathe socially awkwardness so I guess that's a no...

    • So ? It's a challenge to make them feel comfy and I like it

  • I'm sure they are.

    My best friend is really gorgeous and that's all she dates ^^

    It would be nice if he had you know confidence, and is fit and all. But as far as him being into " nerdy" things or whatever his nerdy quirk may be - the girl will probably not mind. It's probably what attracted her in the first place.

    Sexual experience isn't a huge issue I believe amongst women. Actually, I don't think it's something that's too stressed amongst many people. As far as social status - everyone's varies so, I don't think it would be too much of a problem.

    • I <3 nerds lol

  • what are "nerdy interests" ?

    • Dungeons and dragons, games, chess, physics, learning languages and computers lol

    • Welllllllll... since I'm not "hot" this Q doesn't apply to me..

  • Yep, I love nerds. Sometimes. If they are annoying as f*** then I couldn't date one because I would have the strong urge to punch them in the face, if they are nice and have a good personality and don't pick their freaking nose then yea sure I would date the nerd because let's face it nerds can be the awesomest people ever!

    • And plus I love star wars

  • Some women aren't, some are.

    I'm always curious as to why guys whine and complain when they can't women who are out of their leagues though.

    • Personally I don't feel any woman is out of my league

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    • with hot and it's usually cause the ugly one has like some kind of amazing personality that makes him/her attractive. That is without money or social status being included.

    • I already said it isn't the case 100%

      Get a clue

  • i guess so. but you shouldn't categorize yourself

  • Depends what you mean by not a lot of sexual experience. Being nerdy while still attractive is fine, but I'm not trying to date a virgin.

    • In all honesty I've only remained a virgin because I haven't found the right woman I'd want to commit to yet, I've had a few offers from women I have dated but it wasn't going anywhere. But I doubt I'd want to wait until marriage, and most of the other women my age that are waiting are in Camp Jesus, but I'm a devout atheist

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    • Yeah it's pretty disgusting how concerned most people are with their own pleasure and public image :/

    • Own pleasure yes, when you wait for 25 years to lose it and your partner won't improve after a whole year of working at it, you tend to get a little frustrated. Public image shouldn't matter, but unfortunately # of partners does matter to guys.

  • Yea there really turn me on

What Guys Said 7

  • Not really, but some will say they do to sound compassionate. :)

  • Why are you only concerned with hot women? Its really the opinion of all women you are looking for right? And it would be dumb to just restrict yourself to hot women. I don't know what you look like and I don't know if you are out of their league or whatever, but restricting yourself to the top 1% or so of the population is not smart.

    • Typically the most unattractive guys only limit themselves to the most attractive. Then they complain and make questions like this in regards to why they aren't noticed.

    • I just think that limiting your dating pool in any way outside of your preferred gender and really unattractive individuals is a bad idea. When you really can't judge how others will perceive your own attractiveness, how can you limit yourself to only really attractive partners? It doesn't even matter if you've been with hot girls before, I think I speak for everyone by saying that we are all attracted to more than just the hottest guy/girl

  • In your 20s no, in your 30s yes.

  • Are we talking Sheldon and Leonard nerdy?

    • No I mean more like Will Wheaton LOL

  • most are not

  • I basically fit that description exactly... Quite tall, tanned and a bit muscular, especially compared to some of the nerdy friends I have. Apparently it was enough for my girlfriend to ask me out, so it certainly worked for me.

  • doesn't mater if she's attractive, she doesn't get to choose what guys she likes.

    os either she likes him or she doesn't, no mater what she her-self looks like.

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