Are hot women attracted to nerds?

If the man has nerdy interests but is tall, muscular and generally confident compared to most nerds. Or does the fact that the man doesn't have social status or a lot of sexual experience make him less attractive to women?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Damn this is hilarious I'm dating a 6'2" quantum major who's working towards his PhD, plays D&D, ran the chess club at his undergrad, and is learning C++ ... are you sure you're not the same person? I don't know if I'm 'hot' per say but people tell me I'm exuberant, cute, quirky, or gorgeous when they have to use an adjective. You decide link

    Personally, I like intellectual matches and I'm a total nerd so a fellow nerd? Ace. The first time I met up with my guy we walked and talked for eight hours straight about everything from corn subsidies to fractals, childhood pranks to careers. And when he called me out on a fact or challenged an argument I just wanted to kiss him because I was so happy that I'd found someone who could keep up with me both physically and intellectually! Somehow though that inexperience trait wasn't part of the package deal.

    • Probably. I finished my masters in computer science early and I learned C++ a few years ago. I've been doing some programming here and I'm using the money I got from that to go get my doctoral degree in computer science over in Tokyo. I had to finish up the D&D I was running before I left.

      I leave tomorrow, but I can't say I'll miss too much about this country.

    • Haha, a DM... damn what a catch!

    • Unfortunately my ex didn't see things that way, she said I was empty, a self-loathing narcissist and unable to relate to other people in any meaningful manner. Then again she was a slut and was sleeping with my roommate lol