Is it wrong for a girl to wear a skimpy dress to a recital with her friends without her boyfriend being there?

My boyfriend thinks that I should not have done that because I am asking for a guy to flirt and get my number.

To clear things up its not necessarily skimpy, it was a dress to my knee and was a little low cut .. my boyfriend used my account and asked the question and considered my dress "skimpy".


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  • I don't think wearing something sexy and cute when not with your boyfriend should have anything to do with him. Everyone wants to feel appealing right? - It's what you do, not what you wear.


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  • LOL at the girls answers...

    You went out looking amazing...without your boyfriend..that pretty much gives him the RIGHT to be insecure...however...what you do with being insecure is a wholenother story...

    • I understand exactly what you mean when you say him feeling insecure.. he has had problems in the past about feeling insecure because you can't trust SOME guys these days.. Good advice aswell ! thanks !

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    • I did not mean to get so BIG with my words..but that is how you stress a point..just sounds like I was yelling when I really was not :(

    • ohhh no! ha ha your fine I always put empasis on things that need to be brought up .lol trust me your advice was not harsh at all it made me realize alot! no worries:)

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  • i don't understand why you would wear something like that to a recital. boyfriend or not

    • That is very true, but it wasn't even that bad .. to him anything a little above the knee and a little low cut is "skimpy"

    • Depends on your height QA...if you bought the dress for your height..then it is probably making him nervous as you may be on the short side...if you bought it bigger than what you actually are then he is just buggin' about something stupid!

  • not really. it's your body

  • I would tell him to pull up his big boy panties, when your in a relationship you have to trust one another and maybe you just wanted to feel good about yourself with the dress.

    • Good answer! that's exactly what I said to him:)