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Girls that wear lots of makeup?

(disclaimer: I am not jealous, this isn't a personal attack on a certain person, I am just curious If I'm the only one)

For example girls that wear this amount of more make up daily : link ( I don't even know who she is, I'm just using this picture as an example) obviously she is wearing a fair amount of make up ( foundation, concealer, pencil eye-liner, liquid eye-liner, mascara, fake lashes, lipstick and her eyebrows are mostly drawn on). Personally I think that is a lot of make up to wear but I find it frustrating when loads of people class that as beautiful to me that isn't beauty it's just a mask. What's your opinion?

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  • I don't wear any makeup. I can't put it on right so I look ridiculous. Plus I don't like how I look with makeup (even when someone who knows what they're doing puts it on). It always makes my eyes look smaller and my eyes are one of my best features. I'm not pretty or anything, but I think that I look a lot better without makeup. I probably could do with some concealer, but I'd really rather not have to mess with it and worry about getting it on everything my face touches.

    Besides, beauty really is on the inside. If people judge you by your face (or what they think is your face, because some people just have natrually colorful eyelids...) then they're not worth anything. :p

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  • No girls that wear lots of make up makes feel like they are hiding something

  • I personally think that looks wicked awesome although I am not usually a fan of lipstick and if she is wearing a lot of make up it is not obvious

  • That's gross. And I agree, it's a mask, not her.

  • 1. That's not beautiful.

    2. For girls who wear tons of make up and DO look beautiful, it's not a mask, it's an artwork! Art is beautiful and it's the same thing just on a piece of paper instead of a face.

  • thats gross, make up is alright if you think you need it but don't overdo it. a little mascara and some lip gloss is enough ladies, you look beautiful anyway

  • on some girls it looks really cute.. but in others not even that make up will help , it only does worse

  • i like natural beauty... a lot of make up make me sick

  • Makeup sucks...

  • I dislike foundation and want a woman with nice skin that barely wears make-up

  • Girls who don't have very attractive faces or have low self-esteem tend to put on a lot of make up. I think it just makes them look more ridiculous. Its best to use make up wisely and elegantly. I don't like how that girl in that link looks altogether so judging the make up on her would be a bit biased. She seems like she is trying too hard.

  • i hate it, they look cute when they have it on then you realize their really a pterodactyl when they take it off

  • i agree if I wake up and you don't look as you look with makeup on = turn off! ill get a taxii for you

    anyways. the less makeup the better. but there is nothing wrong with a girl who takes care of there

    face... watch videos with michelle pham on youtube. she is amazing about keeping your face clean

    anyways the least the better

  • I agree,I don't like girls who wear a lot of makeup to look attractive and then when you wake up the next morning and see them they look like Medusa. I think she link looks really and I don't think she's wearing a lot of makeup but I may be wrong.

    • She's probably wearing quite a lot, but she does a natural look over a bold look.

      I can definitely see blush, lipgloss, eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. There's probably foundation and concealer as well.

    • Wow,you must have a really good eye. I can't tell though cause I honestly don't know what makeup does what but she's extremely hot either way. Oh well I still stick by my argument of girls wearing too much makeup sucks.

What Girls Said 10

  • I don't think it's about quantity so much as it is execution.

    In my profile picture I'm wearing face primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, eye primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and lipgloss. But how much does it look like I'm actually wearing?

    It just depends on whether or not you like bold looks.

  • wow she has really thick makeup on. It is blended well overall but I don't like the eyebrows. Anyway I wear similar amounts of makeup as she does but mine looks more natural. I make one thin layer rather than many or thick layers. I've had people ask me if I wore makeup other than eye stuff which is always pretty obvious. I wear cream foundation that doubles as a concealer, brow powder because I don't shave my brows or do drag queen shapes. I also wear assorted nude eyeshadows with some deep black liner to make gyaru eyes or I wear smoky eyes. And I've been in the habit of wearing this one pair of fake lashes everyday for the last few weeks. Need to buy more new ones soon. here are some links to my daily eye makeup



    I love these looks but I do them without lenses. My irises are really big and look like lenses if I do the right makeup

    And I agree that beauty isn't a mask, it's enhancement. I use it to play up my eyes and lips, not to draw new ones on my face. Hope this helps!

  • i don't like lipstick but I usually wear foundation, mascara, eye liner and lashes too so I don't think its bad!

  • i think her look is pin-upy and good for a photoshoot but deff not for everyday, I only wear eyeliner and macara and I think that's all women need.

  • She's still a pretty girl. She would be probably pretty without the makeup, it's just that makeup emphasizes your features. Makeup for a lot of people, is more about style and presentation than it is about trying to add beauty because you're insecure. Let's put it this way: A woman with a pretty face with a lot of makeup will still be prettier than a barefaced woman with an average face.

  • I completely agree. I think people just look fake when they wear a ton of makeup. Makeup is supposed to highlight your natural beauty, not cover it up. As for me, I don't even wear that much on special occasions. On the average day I usually stick to just eyeliner, mascara, sometimes eyeshadow, and if I need to cover up blemishes. Although I am not opposed to wearing none either, I did that today even though my boyfriend came over (which he and many other guys have said girls look best with none to little makeup on). I think it's freaky when girls who wear that much show up without any/not as much on. I've had times where I didn't even recognize girls I saw every day.

  • Lol...I see your point...i a lot of wear makeup...when I feel being dressy...-fake eyelashes..

    On a daily basis..i used to put on lip stick or lipgloss...because I had awesome skin...i I naturally looked like I was wearing more...because I have long eye lashes...and thick eye brows...

    But when I have breakouts..on a daily basis..i put on concealer..so my skin still looks like how I like it to be...I don't do a smokey eye or any eyeshadow on a regular basis...only when I go out..i become really fake lol.

    I want to be a makeup artist...so makeup is fun for me...i enjoy it alot. As you see in my pictures..i have on lipstick and bronzer...i forgot to put mascara lol..no foundation..my skin is somewhat ok...lipstick...makes me less plain.

    I think girls should makeup according to occasion...not just anyhow...and if you cake so much on...on a regular basis...people tend to see you as another person when it is off...you really have to be yourself.

  • I wear heavy cat eyes, a bit of concealer (I am 16) and cherry red lipstick. That isn't really a lot and I look just as good if not better with no makeup on, but that is just my look and I like it like that :) oh and by the way that girl is a scene queen wannabe, I can tell because she has Kiki kanbals diamonds tattooed on her... Assets. It's just what people want to look like. I'm sure she doesn't wear makeup like that every day just like me. I wear a lot of makeup for my photoshoots but that doesn't mean I wear that much out

  • yeah I don't judge people who wear a lot of makeup because seriously it does me no harm and it is just a preference. To one their own I suppose.

    I wear a lot of make up too, but it's really cheap makeup so that by the middle of the day I don't look like I have any on, but I wear a lot to make me feel more beautiful and sophisticated to the world. My husband says I look beautiful without any makeup on so then on days where I feel lazy I don't put any on. But I do wear concealer, foundation, 1 eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner with gloss on top.

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