Girls that wear lots of makeup?

(disclaimer: I am not jealous, this isn't a personal attack on a certain person, I am just curious If I'm the only one)

For example girls that wear this amount of more make up daily : link ( I don't even know who she is, I'm just using this picture as an example) obviously she is wearing a fair amount of make up ( foundation, concealer, pencil eye-liner, liquid eye-liner, mascara, fake lashes, lipstick and her eyebrows are mostly drawn on). Personally I think that is a lot of make up to wear but I find it frustrating when loads of people class that as beautiful to me that isn't beauty it's just a mask. What's your opinion?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't wear any makeup. I can't put it on right so I look ridiculous. Plus I don't like how I look with makeup (even when someone who knows what they're doing puts it on). It always makes my eyes look smaller and my eyes are one of my best features. I'm not pretty or anything, but I think that I look a lot better without makeup. I probably could do with some concealer, but I'd really rather not have to mess with it and worry about getting it on everything my face touches.

    Besides, beauty really is on the inside. If people judge you by your face (or what they think is your face, because some people just have natrually colorful eyelids...) then they're not worth anything. :p