What type of clothing to guys like on girls?

jeans, non-jean trousers, knee length shorts/skirts, or short shorts/skirts? and in combination with what: blouses, plain t shirts, tank tops, strapless shirts, loose blouses, etc? what about dresses? loose, strapless, flowy? what colors do you like the clothes in? what about patterns? checkered, floral design, stripes, plain?

do you like these types of shirts?

htt p://d1535dk28ea235.cloudfront.net/preset_61/bcbgmaxazria-sequin-dress_7.jpg


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  • I never even knew there were so many options. That's overwhelming coming from the T-shirts and short collection I have.

    I, and most guys I think agree, that we like short shorts/skirts. I personally think they're adorable, but there's nothing wrong with wearing what's in your comfort zone. Any reasonable man will tell you that we're more attracted to a woman for being, well, a woman than a particular article of clothing.

    But I digress. I'll just let you know what I prefer, but it will differ from guy to guy. Tank tops are cute. For dresses, flowy looks elegant. I really like lighter colors, pastel blues, greens, pinks, and I love white. Dark colors don't do much for me, but again it's not like it's that huge of a deal. And as for patterns, that can vary. I'm into things being plain so any pattern will do.

    (Lastly, that's a shirt? I've never seen one before but, yes, that looks nice.)


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  • '' flowy '' dresses with floral print if its warm

    Skinny jeans with heels or wedges just for the sake of it

    Pencil skirts in the work place... mmmm :)

    but I guess what ever she's comfortable with, every girl has her own style which I like

    I defo don't like converse, leggings or tights

    Then again some girls can be dressed in black bin bag and still be stunning...all depends on the girl...

  • I like casual stuff. link

  • Depends...

  • I like plaid for some reason

  • i like clothes where she isn't showing too much skin and still is beautiful

    like she doesn't have to show a lot of skin to get attn

    idk does that make sense? lol


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