Im 18 but I look only about 15, is that why guys don't ask me out?

i know I don't look my age, bu it it sucks when people say I look 15ish and I've graduated from highschool. Especially when I see girls 14ish look older than me. It 's not fair. Is it a turn off for guys? Is that y nobody is asking me out?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have the same "problem"! I'm almost 21 and I get mistaken for being no older than 17 all the time. Some guy friends [who apparently wish they were more than that] recently teased me about that and kept calling me "the 12 year old." Also it's more likely that younger guys "like" me than ones my age or older.

    Unfortunately it can negatively affect how guys your age see you versus younger guys especially if they don't know you well. You can try out younger guys or try to act older. By acting mature, intelligent, etc. guys your age or older will probably see you as someone who's already graduated high school and hopefully as a potential girlfriend.