Im 18 but I look only about 15, is that why guys don't ask me out?

i know I don't look my age, bu it it sucks when people say I look 15ish and I've graduated from highschool. Especially when I see girls 14ish look older than me. It 's not fair. Is it a turn off for guys? Is that y nobody is asking me out?


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  • I have the same "problem"! I'm almost 21 and I get mistaken for being no older than 17 all the time. Some guy friends [who apparently wish they were more than that] recently teased me about that and kept calling me "the 12 year old." Also it's more likely that younger guys "like" me than ones my age or older.

    Unfortunately it can negatively affect how guys your age see you versus younger guys especially if they don't know you well. You can try out younger guys or try to act older. By acting mature, intelligent, etc. guys your age or older will probably see you as someone who's already graduated high school and hopefully as a potential girlfriend.

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  • well no, I figure, if you look like you look 15 but your 18, can you say gifted?.besides your only 18, I know a lot of girls who still look like ther 15-16 and there 23. You will find out that youwill quickly grow out of this, and plus, if you dont? ull be the sexiest mom ever.

  • That's good to look younger than what you are to me my mom is 36 and everybody thinks she a teenager that's a big compliment.

  • If you really do look that young, guys might be just thinking, "Wow she's attractive, too bad she's too young". If this is the case you need to communicate with guys first. Go to them first, don't wait for them to come to you.

  • Watch out with pedophiles

    lmao jk


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  • The coolest thing about looking younger than you are is it tends to last for life. I was still getting carded at 30 for alcohol. I know it doesn't help you with your situation now - but I promise you in 15 years, people will be paying good money to look as young as you will still look.

    Don't let it get to you too much, we all age, whether we want to or not. Enjoy your perpetual youth.

    • Ha [I wrote this for a comment on another answer but] people also tell me that at least when I'm older I'll still look young...also I guess that we young-looking young women just need to be patient for that but also have something to look forward to.

  • yes possibly, the thought of being a pedophile holds people back you know

  • It shouldn't matter because whe you guys go out. buy some alcohol and show them your driver's license. Do this EVERY time you go out with a guy that you are interested in dating. and they will know that you are really 18. Most guys like younger girls anyway. Guys like mean because of my youth and innocence.

  • I have da same problem as u. I always have like 15-17 year olds wanting to ask me out and then I tell them no because I'm 19 and theyre I guess that older guys don't ask me out because I look like 15ish. Itz so unfair because well I'm a shy person and I don't usually make the first move to talk to a guy so itz hard for me to get someone to ask me out. But I guess like they say it will pay off in da future.

  • It'll pay off later in life.