Can I use being "Cute" to my advantage?

Look, I don't want to be a slut or anything.. At least that's not what I'm intending. But I'm often referred to as "cute" or "pretty" or even "adorable" at times. Can I use that to my advantage with people some how? I'm sick of being stepped on and sometimes I wish I had people surrounding me. I don't mean slaves or anything like that. But I love being surrounded by guys or girls. So girls or even guys what do you think? How can I use being cute to my advantage?

Uhh I also like clothes ? What would be cute to wear.


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  • It's about your personality. Cute, pretty and adorable is all in the attractive range so you can have people surrounding you if your personality attracts people. You get stepped on because you let people step on you and probably take sh*t from others. Someone I think is cute but fiesty is Snooki. I know many people may not agree but Snooki used to be cute when she first started out and if you watch Jersey Shore she doesn't take sh*t from others and stands up for herself. That's what you need to do. People will respect you when they see you don't play games and let people walk all over you. Just be confident and cute.

    IDK your body type so just wear cute clothes that are in style, accessorize and always do your hair. Those are 3 things that will automatically boost your appearance. Even if you were ugly, dressing nice, doing your hair and makeup would give you the illusion of prettiness

    • I usually wear a lot of pink I'm only 5'4 blond medium length hair and blue eyes xD And lots of people love my personality :3 but I've never really tried it in real life I Skype a lot so :(( I usully don't take sh*t from others well at least I didn't before but over the past few months I've become well more vulnerable :< oh and I'm 96 lbs xD so I'm very tiny


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  • If you want to be surrounded by girls and guys then

    1) Help people

    2) Be a good listener

    3) and Smiling face is always attractive

  • yeah, you could, but I don't appreciate people that use traits as tools to get what they want... just be yourself and people will appreciate that and if you're fun to hang around with, they'll hang around you


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  • If you're tired of being stepped on stand up for yourself, other than that I don't understand your logic..

  • If your being fake people will notice, your better off just trying to be yourself.