How to fix damaged hair?

I want to grow my hair a lot longer but I have split ends so its not growing anymore. I know I should go get it trimmed but I really don't want too. So I was wondering if I use a shampoo and conditioner that helps repair split ends and dry damaged hair, will my hair start growing again?


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  • You can't repair damage but you can prevent it.

    First, get regular trims, every month and a half to two months.

    I also use a repair serum after I shower.

    When I blowdry my hair, I do not use a brush- combing your wet hair can pull it and break it

    I always use a blowdry/straightening/curling spray to protect it from heat.

    Your hair will always continue to grow- it has to. I do suggest to stop dying it if you can, and leave the dying to the professionals who can use things that won't kill your hair. Keeping away from color extremes helps too. Don't go from black, to bleach blond, to neon pink or something.


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  • Your hair won't stop growing because the ends are split... I've had horribly split ends and it still grew fairly quickly Your hair itself might just be damaged and falling out or the ends more than just split, the whole hair and the root damaged.

    There's a point where there's really not much you can do other than spend sh*t tons of money on stupid products when it would just be quicker and cheaper to trip off the ends and included in the cost will be all those revitalizing and rejuvenating shampoos and products.

    You can trim it back a bit and watch it grow back in a month or you can just let it sit dead and unhealthy (not for you just the hair itself is unhealthy) and have it never grow.

    At least that's the way I see it.

  • Any shampoo or conditioner that you use that could "help" with your damage ends are actually not helping it but rather hiding the damaged through ingredients in the products. The best thing you could do for your hair in order to help it grow longer is to get it cut. if you keep your damaged ends the damage could increase to the upper sections of you hair and it would be worse then it is right now. Take it from somebody who HATES getting their hair cut and has always had long hair, you want to trim it every month. your hair is not growing right now because of the damages. Even if you use hair masks or treatments such as Moroccan oil in your hair it's only going to give the illusion of healthier hair but in reality you hair is damaged. Stop using heat in your hair also, heat damages your hair, causes breakage and split ends which makes it seems as though you hair isn't even growing. Also drink plenty of water.

  • You can't fix split ends once you already have them. Sure you can hide them with different products but you can't just heal them. You should trim them because if you let it be it will make your hair even more damaged because it will continue splitting and then just break off making your hair fall out. All those products that claim to mend split ends are fake. You can prevent split ends by putting in heat protection when you use heat and making sure you condition your hair so it does not become dry.

  • ur hair is always growing no matter what sometimes it just may be slower than others your hair grows between 1/2 inch to 2 inches every month and if you wanted you could try using minoxidil it is FDA approved to increase hair growth and if you wanna fix your split ends I suggest getting them cut would be the way but if you are gonna try a shampoo make sure its a good product when you apply the conditioner make sure its to your ends only... iv been in cosmetology for 2 years now Hope this helps !