Back then they didn't want me - now I'm hot, they are all on me!

I used to be really ugly when I was younger. I was really shy around guys and never had a BF until I was much older. It was so bad I used to get made fun of for the way I looked even though I was a nice person. I actually used to cry myself to sleep at night for the way people would treat me.

Now, I came into my own and I look good. Not to toot my own horn, but let's just say I'm a head turner LOL. The same guys that used to talk crap about me and ignore me are trying to get with me now.

It pisses me off because A) I'm the same girl. The only thing that's changed is my looks and (B) How dare they ask me out in the first place? Do they seriously think I don't remember the way they treated me and I'm supposed to overlook that?

Anyways, my question is: How do you think I should react to the shallow guys who were mean to me back then but want to date me now? Should I give them a chance? Should I be mean to them now? Or should I just ignore them?


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  • You should probably just ignore the really shallow guys. I would not stoop to their level by being mean. Don't start using your looks as a weapon to get even; that is not healthy. Depending on when all of these things took place and how long ago, you may want to give some of those guys a second chance. They may be genuinely sorry that they treated you that way. Also, guys can be very immature, then suddenly grow up.

    • The teasing was mainly in elementary and middle school. some of it happened little bit in high school but with different people. I've since graduated 3 years ago ('05!!)

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  • Just be nice to them and say "Sorry not I'm not looking for anything right now", then find a new guy from a different area.

  • You don't need to be mean to them, because then you will look like the bad guy.

    I'd say just ignore them. There's no need to even talk to them at all, they don't deserve it.

    I'm happy for you that you were able to turn things around. :-)


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  • I'm kinda in the same situation except I know completely different people now because of moving. Most of elementary, junior high, and high school I was considered [even by myself] the weird girl, both in looks and in personality. In high school I sometimes had weird, bad hair colors especially when I dyed my hair red after it was kinda bleached blonde - and that made both the color and texture not very good. I also had some acne and had bad or too much make-up. Now that my hair and face is a lot better I'm being noticed and hit on or flirted with a lot more - though usually with younger guys because I look young for my age. It's flattering and kinda funny how they don't know that I was constantly made fun of and rejected in high school. I think that you should reject their asking you out unless you truly like one of them but not be mean about it. You can also try and be their friends but if they don't care to be just friends with you when you want to be with them then just move on. It'll be their loss!

  • I had that problem when I was younger too. I wasn't completely UGLY but I was just a normal girl. I was never popular. But now I grew curves and people notice me. Its kind of funny because now the popular guys are all interested and its kind of annoying. But anyway....

    Unless you want to date someone shallow and be afraid of putting on a few pounds or having him see you without make up or something like that.. then I guess you can go for it but try to find a good guy that won't care. He will like you for who you are and not what you look like. Even if you do look damn good.