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What if your boyfriend likes it when you're barefoot?

lets say you have a boyfriend, and said boyfriend has a thing for seeing you barefoot. he's not weird about it or anything, he just gets a little... Show More

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  • it's no weirder than someone wanting you to wear high heels and be physically vulnerable that way. it's essentially the same thing (and probably more comfortable, even though strangely less socially acceptable). my guess is that if you do it occasionally *without* him asking (which can be when you feel up to it), he will be satisfied, more turned on that you chose to do it knowing he likes it, and probably not ask you to do it very often. it will probably also make him more turned on later in bed, plus he will feel closer emotionally since you decided to indulge him in what he likes after sharing this with you, just fyi.

What Guys Said 7

  • a foot fetish is fairly common among men, something like 30% of guys get turned on by seeing a girls bare feet (I don't know why). it is actually one of the most common fetishes among guys.

  • If he really has a fetish, it will never get old.

    You can always tease him by dangling your shoes off of your feet, by curling your toes in front him, or sliding your toes across his lips...

    You'll know by his reaction how very much your feet turn him on, and that he never gets "used to it"!

  • It depends how much he wants you to do it. However much he wants you to do it, I'd cut that in half.

  • its a foot fetish. a lot of guys have a foot fetish, its the most common one I think. I don't have one, but going barefeet is definitely sexier than socks. I mean I think you should do it for him as long as its not outrageous and if the grocery store isn't that far its not outrageous. If you fulfill his needs he will fulfill yours.

  • Nothing wrong with it. I like bare feet too, but a "fetish" is only actually called a fetish if it interferes with a person having a normal sex life, otherwise it's just a turn-on, or preference. If he stops wanting to have sex and just wants to unload on your feet, that would be a problem. Other than that, just enjoy the bare foot freedom.

  • Seeing a girl walking around outdoors barefoot is extremely rare so if he finds this attractive and you do this often (even when he doesn't ask) he will find you 1000 times more attractive and will probably do anything you want him to do. He will also never leave you.

What Girls Said 3

  • As fetishes go, this is a pretty easy one to comply with. I might tease him with it a little bit, but for the most part I'd play along.

  • Sounds like he may have a foot fetish. To each their own.

  • I go barefoot because I love going barefoot. My boyfriend loves when I go barefoot, but I would go barefoot regardless.

    We started dating because he was curious about my barefooting, & I went on our first date in my bare feet with no sandals with me. I've gone barefoot on dates with him since, & after things got serious he started going barefoot with me.

    A few months ago we were barefoot on a moonlit Caribbean beach together when he proposed to me! I said Yes!

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