What if your boyfriend likes it when you're barefoot?

lets say you have a boyfriend, and said boyfriend has a thing for seeing you barefoot. he's not weird about it or anything, he just gets a little turned on after your shoes come off. then one day you guys are getting ready to go down to the mini mart to get some stuff and he hints that he thinks it would be really cool if you left your shoes and went in your bare feet? personally I didn't mind so I went along with it because the weather was nice. but how often would you do this for him? I think its kind of a cute thing that he likes my feet, but I don't want the novelty to wear off or for him to get "too" used to be doing this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • it's no weirder than someone wanting you to wear high heels and be physically vulnerable that way. it's essentially the same thing (and probably more comfortable, even though strangely less socially acceptable). my guess is that if you do it occasionally *without* him asking (which can be when you feel up to it), he will be satisfied, more turned on that you chose to do it knowing he likes it, and probably not ask you to do it very often. it will probably also make him more turned on later in bed, plus he will feel closer emotionally since you decided to indulge him in what he likes after sharing this with you, just fyi.