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I look scary with makeup?

I think I must be applying it wrong or maybe it's just because I'm not used to using myself with makeup, but I look scary. Usually I just wear... Show More

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  • Uhm well no. I didn't scare myself. You're just not use to it yet. May take a bit. It's like when a girl who wears a lot of make up and decided not to wear it for a day. They usually don't wanna leave the house because they look different or "scary". I use to be like that but now that I hardly wear any now I'm comfortable with it. It can work both ways. You get me?

    • Not everyone has your impeccable natural beauty though, Natalie ;D

    • Haha aren't you a charmer

What Guys Said 1

  • LOLOL I have pictures of the first time I did makeup. OH GOD. Its a bad scene. You will get better though, scouts honour. I doubt you'll look scary in a few weeks, just put it on and remove it in your bedroom 'til you get to a standard you think looks nice. There are some slick videos online if you want to look at those, there are lots of little tips you can pick up to make it easier.

What Girls Said 3

  • It's because you're not used to seeing yourself with it on. Or you put too much on. Try it in moderation if that's the case. I definitely wasn't scared when I put on make-up on for the first time. Maybe a little surprise, but scary wasn't the word to describe it. :)

    • Lol I think is a bit too dramatic of a word but it was a change.

    • Try a thiner line of eyeliner and skip the mascara. Or skip the liner and go with the mascara

  • How old are you? Cause the age is deffinently wroong.

    • No age is right. I'm in college, I just never tried eye makeup before but curiosity got me to try it

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