Help buying my girlfriend a new bikini?

Okay, so my girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and she said she's been looking for a new bikini, and I wanted to surprise her with one. She said she's looking for something really sexy, but not too small, but she said it has to be a 2 piece. She also hates thongs, so it has to be a normal style bikini bottom. Anyway, could someone please send me a link for pics and names of any bikini ideas that might be good? She likes all colors, but she has golden blond hair, so I think she'd like something that goes well with that color, like hot pink or white, but like I said, any color will do. And please hurry! Her birthday is in a couple says.

P.S. She's slim and sexy, nice boobs and butt with great legs. She's model-level sexy, but with better, sexier boobs.
Also, unfortunately, I have no pics of her body, sorry, just show me some bikinis you like and I'll decide if they work for her.
For bra size, she's a 36C

For Height, I think she's about 5' 4" or 5' 5"

For weight, I really don't know, but she's slim and sexy.


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  • Try this website, it has loads of hot bikini's, just make sureif you order do it asap because sending may (depending on which country your in) take time:


  • what's her body style?



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  • Why don't you send us a pic of your girlfriend ?

    • Anyways , I liked the links posted by sourpatchchik2 !

  • And her body looks like. . .

    • She's slim and sexy, nice boobs and but with great legs. She's model-level sexy.

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    • Probably not too slim if she's a 36. Either that or she's not really a 36 and is wearing the wrong size bra. Find a link to a pic of a girl with similar boobs and body. Preferably in a bikini or naked.

    • I've seen her in a bikini before, and we've had sex together before, and her bra is a 36C, and it fiter her perfectly. She's nice and slim with amazing boobs, she's freakin perfect.