What are guys dream girl?

I just wanna hear how versatile the different types of dream girls are and I also wanna get inside a guys head for a minute : )


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  • Hmmm a girl who loves me but isn't clingy... and allows me my freedom and personal space. I still want to be my own person even if I'm with somebody. We can spend time together and enjoy each other if you know what I mean. I would want to keep it fun and not become like super dependent on each other for everything. Even if we are both sitting in silence doing our own thing once in a while wouldn't bother me.

    As far as physically... I've been attracted to all shapes and sizes of women.. I'm not as fussy about this as most guys are. It's hard enough finding a girl who doesn't want to leech on at all times.


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  • Most importantly, she has to be beautiful.

    My preferences are tall, curvy, womanly body, thin stomach, long, blond hair, blue or green eyes!

    She has to be nice, sweet, cute, reliable and trustable. Someone I can talk about everything without being afraid that the next moment everyone will know all the details about it. She has to be a good communicator.

    She must see me as exclusive, as she would be exclusive to me. I wouldn't like if she would flirt around with other men who may be ''just friends'' and so on.

    She has to be girlie girl - a feminine girl. It doesn't matter that I'm not a ''feminine guy'' - I listen to rock music, I wear outrageous clothes, I always speak up my mind and I'm not afraid to defend myself. But the girl of my dreams is not a ''punk rocker girl'', she's someone like I described above.

  • redhead, fair skin, curvy, big chest, nice round butt, long legs, pretty eyes, sexy mouth, nice voice and is a kind person who love to laugh. Because I am freaking charming lol...

  • a girl that doesn't party or go clubbing. a girl that is emotionally stable with the right amount of self confidence.

  • short, busty, dyed hair "blue, purple, pink", not goth but sorta that kinda style, be into weight lifting or sports. be able to play bass. smart and well educated. loves me as much s I love myself "which is alot"


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