Guys, what cute names do you like being called?

do guys prefer to be called baby, babe, sweetie... what? any ideas?


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  • i'd like to be called everything you can think of depending on your mood and if you're trying to be funny or cute or provocative or whatever, keeps it interesting and funny at times ^^ Just mix it up haha. See what he likes too by doing that. Another really nice thing is to throw in a few regular ones that you call him often from the ones he likes more, and also throw in some personal ones that you made up that really pertain to him specifically because that's just really lovely like making a gift instead of buying something generic, or buying something really well chosen :) Hope this helps.

    • yep thts tru...

    • the person who down arrowed me should be forced to eat root vegetables because they probably like it <3

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  • baby boy, big boy, silly boy, goofy(boy), dork, dorky dork, or combinations of those and the common cutie sweetie hunnie nicknames too

  • anything that goes with "bum", don't know why but I really like that word :))

  • scumbag

  • I like babe and baby. Sweetie and hun make me feel like a child or something, if that makes sense.. Don't like that.A girl used to call me honey bun. That was pretty cute.It all really depends on the girl and how she says it. The actual name doesn't really matter.

  • I'd also have to go with bunny.

  • Goku.

  • My ex and I called each other M'Lord and M'lady... Quite liked it.

  • cutie or cute

  • Don't call me daddy, it creeps me out

  • Superhero works for me :pBabe & hun work just fine for me.

  • I got called doctor and it was pretty sexy.

  • Big D

  • I'm not a fan of generic pet names. They all sound ridiculous to me. I'd rather her make up a nickname for me that had some sort of story behind it, or an explanation that only she and I knew about.

    • I agree. I don't usually call my boyfriend pet names, it just seems forced

  • i like the basic, baby babe, with the occasional cute names thrown in there. but I loveee when I have a girl who will call me f*** face (jokingly of course) and just names like that, in the right context of course (i.e.. if I'm teasing her etc.)

  • It is a known fact that most guys can't help but like it when a girl shortens their name with a little "eee" sound at the end.. "Brentton = Brentie. Santiago = Santi. Steven = Stevie. And of course Damien = Damie. ;D Try it, I bet you won't get on anything but his good side.

    • 1mo

      What if his name is Bryan?

    • true, but it still makes the guy feel special no matter what. even if it does sort of annoy them. sh*t I love it, tells me which girl to go after. Also, a nickname that relates to an inside joke (that isn't degrading to the guy being called it) is also fun. There was a guy called Teacakes in the book There Eyes we Watching God. This girl and I were laughing about it, and she eventually started calling me Teacakes. To this day she still uses it every now and then, I freakin love it! xD

    • that usually works but not for every name it would jus sound silly

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  • It only pisses me off if someone calls me "cute" names. I only accept it from a girlfriend, in which case she can call me whatever she wants. The more unique, the better.

  • I like being called "as hole "and the only word in a female's vocabulary but all good because I smile when ever I females say anything to because otherwise I see the look disaprovement when female eyes gaze upon me. But never an as hole and when get called it usually by someone I seen for first time and never even spoken a ward in their presence. besides I like when call hi or "ascus me or sorry when get in my way.

    • lol ha ha funny...

    • Your ScreenName isn't referring to your grammar, is it?

  • cute boy:)

    • OH my god

    • you lucky bustared lol I never in life was called that besides on carry out by middle aged pizza delivery male driver and he only wanted a bigger tip!

  • It depends on the mood, my girl called me all types of names. I can remember:- Honey (or hun).- Handsome.- Darling.- Stud. :)- Hottie.- Sexy bum- Silly bum. -.-- Sweetheart.- Big Boy.- Captain.- Prince.- Stud muffin.- Big beast.- One and only.- Love bird.- My man.And my favorite: MY LOVE. There're plenty more stuff, but can't remember. :)

    • Yeah, negative moisture. Makes boat loads of sense.

    • stud is in my name but if your a foreigner you never get called anything ,real. besides thing with negative condensation. other then that I was called Russian or German

  • anything if its from the right girl :)

  • tiger :D

    • lol :P

    • Awww too bad no female will ever call you that :( maybe cub? lmao jk

    • you are so full of yourself! lol

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  • My online name. I get called it whenever I play online games, and over the years I'm used to it.Of course it's not done in a cute method. If I hear my online name being used by my Girlfriend I know I'm in a world of crap."Ashley did you wash the car like I asked you to do today? Ashley? Ashley? Azriel!""Huh what... *oh crap*"

  • i like to be called "giant johnson".

    • haaaaaa...XD

    • Hahahahhahahahahhaha or "Little Richard"

  • Personally I like babe or hunni or cutie... really anything as long as they don't use it like every 5 seconds... but I hate being called baby, it makes my skin crawl lol

    • i know what you mean an it jus really hurts man worse its not from your sig. other.

    • Yeah my ex kinda ruined it for me by calling me every 5 min by it... it was cute for about the first hour then its like STFU!

    • wow same here. I can't stand being called "baby" either, its meant for babies only.

  • Bunny!

  • I'd like babe or honeySomething really cute and stupid like snugglemonkey or Cuddlypoo would be nice

    • thths pretty cute.

    • Yes, yes I amstill using anon but but I'm a real man nonetheless

    • aww you're a real man. you take the embarrassing names like a champ. lol

  • my sexy piece of manmeat

    • I'm gonna have to remember that one.

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  • I call him Big d*** and he call me Tight p****. I Love it! XD

  • I call my guy honey, baby, handsome. And then there's the names he calls me: babe, sweetie, my love, my wife, sexy. We've never really called each other anything else

  • Well, I call my boyfriend baby and babe the most. Every now and then I call himsweetie, sweetheart, dear, honey, booger, my love, and some others...Usually in letters I call him "My love" or "My William" :-DI try to be cute...haha..BOOGER! ha. I am special? hahaThough, he calls me babe the most and baby when he is in a romantic mood...along with sweetie and sweetheart. And, same for me...I call him babe the most and baby when I am extra loving that day. .I know, I am weird :-P

  • I like calling guys names that refer to a quality they have or something about them physically that I find very attractive.I once called a guy Mr Unique because he had a mole in his eye that was very cute, he was a little conscious of his mole when I met him, I just looked into his eyes and said " you shouldn't be so conscious of it, it just makes you unique" he smiled a little shyly and kissed me. It just stuck from then on. I'd text him little messages like, "Hey Mr Unique, what are you wearing right now? x". He loved it and I guess because it was just between the two of us it made it more so special.I myself haven't really had a pet name as such, a guy once told me I was a sexy bitch as I walked round the bedroom in my corset, frilly knickers and stockings whilst smoking a cigarette. I surprisingly quite liked it, so much so the cigarette went out pretty quick, lol! Generally though I like it when my name gets shortened, that for me is a sign that the person talking to me is comfortable with me and considers me a friend - unless it's someone I don't like, shortening my name is a privilege people! ha ha x

    • Why thank you Probabilist x

    • wow, my vote for BA

  • I think you'd better called him his name?�

  • I hate when a guy calls me babe. It just seems like something a slimy guy would say. Case in point, "Babe, wait, babe, no babe, wait babe, babe, babe, babe, BABE!"(Hotrod lovers will appreciate this quote)

  • most men don't care lol :P

  • I hate mushy nicknames. Snugglebunny ? Honeybun? Peach pit? F***no.What's even worse, is being called a princess. Hate.On top of the list is being called by my name. Nothing sexier than hearing the guy you like using your name. Such a turn on. I also like "babe". It's simple, it's hot. It actually looks normal in a conversation.

  • i called my boyfriend beast of baby and he called me bay ^.^

  • I call him by his name, or babe, baby, love or lover

  • :i want to call someone "My Baby Prince" ;-)

  • Some of the guys I dated think its cuter if you can come up with a nickname that is special and not just the same one everybody uses like babe or baby

  • Fuzzy man peach! lol kk so I don't call my boyfriend that except when I am being a total idiot lol

    • I was once called perv but that was only because I was talking about an ass and I was referring to a fat dude on television... as joke

  • I call my dude 'babe', 'cutie', 'darlin', 'sweet pea', 'handsome' and some others. He likes all of them lol. But it'll vary from guy to guy, obviously.

  • i call my boyfriend Sweetie, love, lovie, babe (sometimes), and darling ha ha :)

  • How about calling them by their names?

    • You really like being called by those nicknames?I really prefer calling my significant other by his name, or a different form of it.For example, if his name was "Thomas," I would rather call him "Tommy" than "Snugglebunny.""Snugglebunny" (or something along those lines) just seems really stupid to me. In my opinion, it sounds as if the relationship lacks maturity.I mean, I can call him "Love" or "Hon" but not really anything more than that.

    • Very romantic.

  • Baby makes me cringe. I don't know why.I wouldn't call anybody baby or like to be called it.

  • I call mine babe, jessejammy (cause his name is Jesse and his initials spell jam lol), and sweetie and cutie. And sometimes baby. He loves them all lol

  • ask him what he would like to be called. I called my ex teddyy

  • I call mine boo but just ask him I guess lol every guy is different! :)

  • Mine likes it when I call him babe