What's the hottest thing a girl can do to look good/turn you on?

i havnt seen the guy that I was dating in two months for various reasons. so after a two month break, what's the one thing you'd want your girl to wear/ hair/ makeup etc. ? no sex will be had just a get together...


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  • haha.

    makeup- light but brings out the eyes, lips.

    hair- depends. straight down always works. up works for some girls.

    wear- depends on what you're doing. dinner- then a solid color dress would be good. walk on the beach- bikini. xD. use your judgement here =P


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  • If I haven't seen her in a long time. Than any thing will do. If I really cared about her, it wouldn't matter. But if you want an answer I would say. Her wearing one of the shirt's I bought for her, short cargo shorts, and keds. I think that combination is cute on the girl.

    Just wear things he likes for you to wear.

  • if she has a good body probably take her clothes off and bend over but since there is no sex sticking her tongue out would work

  • If he loves you then what you wear wouldn't matter. All he wants is to see you again. Just make your hair nice and maybe some eyeliner. Show him that you came prepared and that's all.


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