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I feel very trapped. I love my boyfriend of three years. But my love isn't as strong as it use to be for one reason. He likes to dress in drag. He enjoys dressing and passing off as a girl. I'm a very open person on topics like that. If he was just my friend Id be 100% supportive. But being it being part of a relationship I hate it. I can't look at him the same when he dresses. He still wants to be close and kiss and hang out and I want nothing to do with it. I've told him I hate it and have a hard time with it and he's tried to stop but then he gets mean, annoying and stand-off-ish. I don't talk to anyone about it. He's only told a couple people. I know its a part of him and I don't want to change him but I don't want that in a guy that I want to plan a future with. It really creeps me out.


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  • If its that much of a problem and you know he won't stop doing it then leave him its as simple as that its not what you want its what he wants but you really should have found out about this before you both started dating.


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  • Well I would leave him. He obviously is going through finding himself or trying to identify who he is with dressing in drag. You don't want to wake up one day and realize that he won't ever stop. If this wasn't something that wasn't going to be a problem in the future he would be able to stop. I don't think he will and maybe there will be more surprises to come. This may hurt but if you leave now you might save yourself the embarrassment of him announcing something worse. Maybe you should just remain friends for the time being.