Ladies, what do you think of guys who confess their feelings to a girl through a letter?

I've done this twice in the past, and it both times met with no luck. If a guy you sorta knew did this for you how might you react?


Most Helpful Girl

  • well maybe u've been unsuccessful because they either

    1. taken what you have written in a wrong way

    2. they prefer you tellin them straight out

    well I'm the type a gurl who likes wen a guy tells you straight forward I mean theirs nothing to be afraid of well if my answers happens to be no I would tell them kindly and try not to hurt them.

    well if in the letter it has romantic stuff it would be sweet but it would be nice if a guy can tell you straight forward and you can see the emotions he puts into the words.

    well a guy need to be confident and not be shy maybe then you can actually have a successful relationship