Ladies, what do you think of guys who confess their feelings to a girl through a letter?

I've done this twice in the past, and it both times met with no luck. If a guy you sorta knew did this for you how might you react?


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  • well maybe u've been unsuccessful because they either

    1. taken what you have written in a wrong way

    2. they prefer you tellin them straight out

    well I'm the type a gurl who likes wen a guy tells you straight forward I mean theirs nothing to be afraid of well if my answers happens to be no I would tell them kindly and try not to hurt them.

    well if in the letter it has romantic stuff it would be sweet but it would be nice if a guy can tell you straight forward and you can see the emotions he puts into the words.

    well a guy need to be confident and not be shy maybe then you can actually have a successful relationship


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  • personally,

    ive had a guy write me poems, saying everything he liked about me, etc.

    sounds cool in a movie, but kinda creepy.

    i didn't even like the guy in the least...

    only if me and a guy were in a serious relationship would I like this.

    dont do it if you're just asking a girl out, or just telling her.

    WAYYY better to tell her in person. lol

  • Um. if it was someone I wasn't so into I would be flattered, but I'd probably distance myself a little. A letter for me would be most meaningful coming from someone I was involved with or from someone who knew I was totally into them and knew I've always wanted a letter.

  • i think it would be so cute!

    If it was creative, it would be even better!

    I'm kind of shy so if I guy told me face to face it would be a little awkward and that would force me to have to respond instantly. Which is not the best thing [especially if it's someone that I don't like because I would have to think of something to say to him]. So, I guess it depends on the girl. If it was a guy I really liked, it wouldn't matter how he confessed his feeling to me.

  • If I was interested in the guy I would totally love it. It's a very romantic way to confess what you feel!

  • I don't know. I had a guy sending me letters all the time about how he likes me, but irl he was too afraid to talk to me. So I don't really have good experiences with guys sending me letters. But I don't think I would mind a guy sending me a letter though, I just never had a letter from a guy I really liked back.

  • I would be so amazed that a guy would care enough to be that romantic, and overall care enough! it would remind me of that fact that there are still good guys that are still willing to write down there feelings.

  • It's cute and sweet

  • I think it's sweet and cute

  • well were you breaking up with them or giving them a letter of how you love them and such? I think either way it'd be really sweet to show that you put a lot of thought into it unless its a crappy letter.just saying.but if your saying something sweet it could be really meaningful and she might even keep it, but sometimes speaking to them is better because they can see how much you mean it by your voice/body language and looking deep into their eyes is a big deal.


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  • ive done this 2x myself--both times ended in a nogo. girla want what they can't have a challenge. you lay all your cards on the table-they will have no interets in u--they are fu**ed up that way. if you like/love a girl be nonchalant around them-then they will b interested

    girls are just fu**ED up--sorry man

  • If a dude confesses thru a letter, he either totally digs the girl, or is a complete lame ass. Only confess your feelings if she completely is into you and you've both had sex already. None of that "Hey, I have a crush on you" crap. Be a man and walk up to her, tell her she's going to hang with you, because you are a hot catch, and she has won the Kain6th Lottery. Okay, so that might not be your style, but what I'm trying to say, is be up front. Be fun with her, and don't go confessing your love to a new girl. It conveys that you are not worthy of her. I write my Girlfriend letters every month or so, letting her know that she's the most amazing woman I've met (which is true) but not in those words, and yes, I am positive that she is head over heels about me as well.