My office has a casual dress code?

I just got my first job out of college and I was all excited to get dressed up and go to work everyday (I like dressing up). However my office has a casual dress code. I work in a law office and I'm more dressed up than the lawyers who only wear business attire when they're meeting with a client. The partners wear shorts and flip flops but I've seen the legal assistants dressed up one day and in jeans the next. Now I'm confused as to what I should wear. I've been dressing up everyday, but I'm doing marketing so I never meet with anyone and there's no need for me to dress up and some days (like today) I feel dumb being the least casual person there. I don't want to go too casual like a T-shirt and flip flops but I don't want to be over dressed everyday either.


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  • well, if everyone else is doing it. Why not you? That's good that your making a good first impression by showing up dressing professional, but id say mayyyybe a week or two, start dressing just nice instead of super professional. After you've been there for awhile and you loose the "newbie" label, start to just dress to impress, then after that start dressing casual, then after that dress however the hell you want. lol

    thats how id handle it.

  • Older women (out of college) get respected more for looking a little more mature..keep doing what you are doing...maybe you will set a trend...:)


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  • Dressing up can't hurt.

    If you want to wear jeans, wear the jean slacks that look like jeans but are slacks. Then pair with a nice shirt and cardigan.

    Basically dress put together professional. Be prepared for coorporate to come in, and be prepared for a meeting. Sounds OCD, but you'll be glad that you look the part when you unexpectedly have to be somewhere dressed nicely.

    You can also do poofy feminine skirts.

    Since they don't have such a strict dress code, feel free to play with the professional style.

    I love Gap, because a lot of their clothes are kinda interchangeable. They are really nice and well made.

    The upside to this, is that if you want to go out afterward, you are already dressed up and lookin good.

  • any effort you make is positive. Better than letting yourself go like I did!

  • sounds like you should follow their lead and where what they do